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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Sunday, July 1, 2018

Staff Picks: Our Favorite MVs of 2018 (First Half)

Out of the many amazing MV releases in 2018 so far, here are the favorites of the allkpop staff!


"Jealousy" by MONSTA X

This beautiful MV is centered around Hyungwon, but doesn't focus overly on just one member. It manages to tell a story continued on from their previous song "DRAMARAMA" that doesn't overshadow the song and the choreography and is still attention-grabbing.

"Travel" by Bolbbalgan4

This is a great song but the MV is also equally as fun. It's full of vibrant colors and depicts a perfect setting for a vacation. After watching this MV, I want to book tickets for Saipan, which is where this MV was filmed.

 "Singularity" by BTS V

The only MV that had me awestruck. First off, I knew V was handsome but damn, he is like really, really good looking. I came to understand why fans call him CGV. Second, that whole arm performance is mindblowing. I didn't know that was V's own hand until the camera zoomed out later on in the MV. (That was so smooth!) Third, V's voice. Just total eargasm. And just overall, this MV is so beautiful. 

 "Love Line" by TVXQ

So clean, so crisp, so perfect. And no, I'm not just talking about how the boys are doing laundry in the MV or how the rooms and everything are white and blue. I'm also talking about TVXQ's incredible presence despite such a soft and melodic tune. I'm talking about the choreography, I'm talking about TVXQ's perfect harmony with each other and with their dancers, I'm talking about the perfect combination of the overall, gentle mood of this song plus the sharp and powerful moves! Tons of K-Pop MVs are filled with youthful, bursting energy, but this MV is different. It's packed with maturity and controlled energy, something no group with less than 10 years of experience can achieve. The song is awesome too, of course. 

"The Boots" by Gugudan 

There have been a lot of amazing music videos this year, but watching the MV for Gugudan's "The Boots", I really appreciated how it complemented the song and the Gugudan members exactly. The MV creators combined real-life props and CGI in a way that was impressive and flashy but not overboard, and they make it obvious they actually paid attention to the song's concept and melody. The camera zooms and transitions between scenes are flawless too.

"What is Love?" by TWICE

This particular MV caught my eye because of the re-enacted scenes. Anytime you're going to pay homage to movies I like (like 'Princess Diaries' or 'Romeo & Juliet') then you've got to do it well, and they do. And sometimes what they lacked in performance values they made up for with sheer cuteness, and you can't knock 'em for that. 

"I Want You" by SHINee

The natural effects, the aesthetically pleasing pink tones, the classic box-cut shape of the video subtly fitting with the 90's retro outfits and editing schemes make this video as iconic as SHINee continue to be. They have released so many music videos throughout the years, but there is something so unique about this concept that has ceased to exist before. Maybe it's simply the fact that it's SHINee, but even then this music video serves a deeper meaning for all of us, and I think that's what makes it so much more special. 


Actually, I would choose all of the NCT MVs from their 2018 comebacks as my favorites. But if I had to choose just one, "GO" would be the MV for me. This darker depiction of the youngest members of NCT is a difficult combination to digest, but that is all the more reason to like it! Shot entirely on LA grounds, the MV is far from making the viewer feel at ease. All the choices, including the hand-held camera, hard lighting, and fast editing, support the boys' maturity in a cool way, without making their viewers question their age as much as before.

"Heroine" by Sunmi
This is my favorite MV because not only do we get to see the legendary Sunmi but we also get to see her amazing dance moves. The constant outfit change gives each dance stage a different vibe to both the song and her fierce dancing skills. Sunmi definitely gave us a something worth watching because the show definitely must go on. 

"Dally" by Hyorin ft. GRAY
Hyorin ft. Gray's "Dally" is my pick for favorite MV because of the sassy risks she took. Generally, an overtly sexual theme wouldn't be my top pick, but Hyorin stands to empower women by encouraging them to be unashamed of their bodies in this MV. Her incredible confidence, stunning talent, and dancing is what gives this MV a super unique feeling that's incomparable to other music videos that emulate a more cookie cutter bubblegum pop concept. "Dally" shows a new unabashed and bold Hyorin that's never been unleashed before. "Dally" was the risque MV we didn't know we needed in 2018!

"Shine" by Pentagon

In honesty, Pentagon never really caught my attention. Until now. As soon as I heard E'Dawn clear his throat at 0:12, I knew this was it – the song and the MV that will propel the group to next level. This unique combination of the members' smooth vocals and fun beat was something I haven't heard in a while from K-pop. Also, I have to say Pentagon absolutely killed the choreography; they were by far the best to do the 'shoot dance' (or the 'hammer dance' as they call it in Korea) out of every idol(s) that did it for their comeback; it didn't feel forced and just mashed extremely well with the overall sound. The MV certainly did the song justice by creating an enjoyable, easy-going vibe. Lastly, through this track, I came to a realization just how creative and talented the group can be, especially Hui and E'Dawn – these two are going to become big in the near future.
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