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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Thursday, July 5, 2018

[MV & Album Review] SHINee – 'The Story of Light' EP.3



Track List:

1. Our Page
2. Tonight
3. Retro
4. I Say
5. Lock You Down (Special Track)
6. Our Page (Instrumental) (in iTunes)

SHINee finishes up their 'The Story of Light' series with this EP.  'The Story of Light' EP.3 contains 5 songs plus an instrumental, just like the others. Onew released a teaser ahead of this EP remembering Jonghyun, saying "I don't want to forget [our time together]. I can't forget it." This final installment ranks #1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 29 different countries, not to mention topping Korea's Kyobo chart. 

"Our Page" starts out quietly, but quickly gets a marching beat, and the boys join on a powerful chorus like they're shouting it from the mountaintops. I like it. It's very uplifting and inspiring and starts off the album with just the right feeling. It's very touching, and references to Jonghyun abound here. "Tonight" is some smooth R&B, with a piano as accompaniment. It starts out with the feels along with falsetto and moves to a silky chorus. It's no banger, but instead a refreshing bit of soft pop. It feels urgent and earnest.  

By contrast "Retro" is more lively and playful, and a bit more hip-hop inspired. I like how it starts off with the raps for a change of pace, rather than launching right into the song. I love the way the chorus comes out of left field, and that's when the tune really picks up. But we don't lose that awesome hip-hop vibe. "I Say" tosses the group back into ballad territory, with all that implies. I have to say, having all the boys on the chorus makes it hard to drown them out, and, in that, it succeeds. I like how "Lock You Down" starts out, with a sort of rap/chant before it lurches to life, and given the special talents of each member. The smoothness takes off some of the rough edges here, and we're left with a pretty good pop tune. It also features Jonghyun's inimitable voice.

With this release, SHINee proves once again that even adversity can't dampen talent. These guys seem to shine again and again, and nothing serves to tarnish that. I like how some of these songs seem to surprise. While there's nothing truly groundbreaking, the production seems to be unique on each song. And that lends it just enough of a coolness factor to make it a good EP. 


For this MV, the boys apparently are in a contemplative mood. For whatever it's worth, they go about their daily tasks as if in a daze, like whatever it is that's weighing on their minds has driven them to distraction. What's interesting is though their pace picks up when the song's pace does, it still doesn't seem to break through whatever they're focused on. Finally, in the end, amid dozens of hanging lights, they are together, singing. We know what it is that has wiped the smiles from their faces however and it's obvious that the boys are still rocked by the tragedy.

The boys of SHINee give good face, though, and the emotions are palpable here. You can see in their expressions that they are forever changed. The MV is just as touching as the song. 

It's well filmed, with different lighting and backgrounds, while they go about their day. Whether hanging out in their space or walking the streets at night, the filmmakers definitely give you something to look at. I like the way some of this was framed, giving you a different take on the members. 

So this is definitely an emotional video, and you'd be forgiven for shedding a tear or at least giving a moment of silence for a flame that was extinguished way too soon.  


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........8


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