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[MV & Album Review] MAMAMOO – 'Red Moon/Egotistic'

By eric_r_wirsing   27 days ago   5,833   405   2



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Track List:

1. Midnight Summer Dream
2. Egotistic
3. Rainy Season
4. Sky! Sky! (Innocence)
5. Sleep in the Car
6. SELFISH by Moonbyul (Feat. Seulgi Of Red Velvet)

MAMAMOO puts the sizzle in your summer with their newest EP 'Red Moon.' This release is the followup to March's 'Yellow Flower,' and contains the previously released single "Rainy Season," as well as Moonbyul's solo title track "SELFISH." We also, at long last, get a proper studio version of "Sleep in the Car."

The EP opens with "Midnight Summer Dream," with the sound of what appears to be a key winding a music box. The girls of Mamamoo bring their awesome vocals and sense of style here. It's a pretty good funky R&B tune. "Egotistic" is their title track.  Not to downplay Hwasa's contribution by any means, but Solar, Moonbyul, and Wheein really bring an edginess to their vocals, a sharpness that cuts through any complacency and makes this a rocker, worthy to stand with last year's smash "Starry Night."

Of course, "Rainy Season" would have to be different, and it's a stark contrast. Here, they slow things down and lay sultry vocals over an R&B ballad. The effect is soothing and brings to mind dark clubs and slow dancing. There's a funky flute too, fluttering in and out of hearing range, just to shake things up. It's a beautiful tune. "Sky! Sky! (Innocence)" has more in common with a club banger than with other songs on this EP. It's not strictly that, but it does have more of a pop sensibility than the tracks we've heard thus far. It's an okay tune, but the vocals and the rap define this song and make it a good song, definitely easy on the ears. 

They cross into hip-hop for the playful "Sleep in the Car," which was making the rounds last year (unreleased), and is played for laughs, about having no time to adjust their makeup and catching 40 winks on the way to their next gig. The fun is amped up to 11, as are the laughs. It's also extremely lit' at the same time and has an epic backing track. They close the EP with SELFISH, the title track from Moonbyul's solo debut album in May. She brings in Red Velvet's Seulgi to help her sing it, and the duo make a cute couple here (not like that -- get your mind out of the gutter). Interestingly enough, Moonbyul really doesn't rap much here, instead, she sings. The harmonies make this worth a listen.

I love the vibe of this album. There's nothing quite like a MAMAMOO EP, and this is particularly true here. Highly original, while at the same time keeping things fresh. The only problem I have is that half the album is not new. But it's a minor issue. The still have a slick package here, and cross genres, even giving us an extremely hot hip tune on top of their R&B sound which they've already mastered and redefine with every new release. Yes, I'm a fan of this release, and already I can't wait for their next comeback.


It would be difficult to top the artsy, effects-laden, sweeping MV for the promotional single off their last EP "Starry Night," and so they didn't.

They try to evoke a Latin rhythm in the beginning, which only tangentially relates to the strings that characterize the song. They play up the Latin motif in the visuals, from having Solar cozying up to a guitarist in Spanish garb, to background sets not out of place at a Mexican villa (or a restaurant -- and now I'm hungry).  

There are some really dynamic shots, like a translucent scarf being dragged across the scene until it's yanked away, to sets in flames, walls festooned with guitars, as well as the lighting for this MV. There are also scenes of Solar pole-dancing, which, while enticing, are hardly necessary.

They kind of do their own thing while dancing. I can't say much about the choreo, except it kept me watching, and served to move one scene to another. The other shots are so stylishly done, any extensive choreo would have distracted from the final product.

Which is really well done.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........8


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