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Wooshin addresses his return to UP10TION after 9 months away with a handwritten letter

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On the morning of March 9, UP10TION's Wooshin shared a handwritten letter with fans via the group's official fan cafe, in light of his return to his group after approximately 9 months of hiatus. 

Read his letter below:

"'Thank you.' Is how I wanted to start this letter. I will be standing in front of you all after a longer amount of time than expected. I am sorry for coming to you when for some, it may already be too late - when the long period of time turns from waiting at first, to longing second, and then moving on in the heart.
When I kept having to tell myself habitually, 'It's okay', I asked myself. 'Doesn't saying 'It's okay' mean you had something that you needed to be okay to begin with?' When thoughts like these continued, my heart became perplexed, and it felt like someone kept messing up my heart. After some time, I concluded that, 'Ah, I'm not okay,' and it was very hard for me to admit that I wasn't okay to myself, requiring a long period of time. The 'It's Okay' inside me turned into 'Are you okay?', and when it got tough, I just wanted to run and ran away as hard as I could. From everything. From myself, people, life, and I retraced my steps, trying to find a different method. Which led me to the beginning, and I was constantly thinking as I went backward, step by step without looking around, that there was no one around me and I was lonely; however, when I truly looked, there you all were, with smiles on your faces. I'm sorry. I'd forgotten. That my footsteps were not lonely footsteps, but footsteps taken together with you, and that you were all with me asking me 'Are you okay?' long before my 'It's okay' turned into 'Are you okay?'. 
I've decided not to struggle over what's right and what's wrong any longer. The answer is never within reach, and the thing that is more important than the answer is the process. Because I still haven't found the answer.
I'm getting wordy. I wrote a little bit about my time up til now for those who may have been curious. I am still uncertain what the outcome of this story will be, but I want to continue to write it with our HONEY10 and my members. 
I will stand here in the same place always, for as long as I was away, so that you all can find me at any time. I'm back, smiling as if nothing happened. 
Thank you to all for being in all of my seasons, and for loving all of my seasons. I missed you. I will hurry to you. Lastly, I want the ending of this letter to be the same as the beginning. 'Thank you.' Thank you, thank you, and I will always be thankful. Before spring, from Wooshin." 

Wooshin will be joining UP10TION for their 10-member comeback with 1st full album 'Invitation', set for release on March 15 at 6 PM KST. Welcome back, Wooshin!

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