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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Monday, March 5, 2018

Woman accuses famous comedian 'Lee' of raping her when she was in high school, 'Lee' contacted for statement

A woman 'A' has accused a comedian of sexual assault.

The comedian, with last name 'Lee', became popular after debuting through a broadcast station and appearing in their comedy shows. 'A' met for an interview with SBS funE, and revealed, "In my second year of high school, Lee called me out to eat with him. He said he couldn't eat out becausehe was a celebrity, and called me to his house. That's where it happened."

The harassment happened in August 2005. 'A' had come to Korea on vacation while studying abroad, and met comedian Lee through a common friend. Herfriendwas a third year in high school, while 'A' was 18 years old and in the second year. Lee was24 years old at the time. 'A' was notfamiliar with the Koreanentertainment industry. She knew Lee was a comedian, but not about how famous he was.

She revealed, "It was a place in Deungchon-dong. A one-room with one kitchen. It was long. He asked me to fold his clothes for him so I did, and he told me to come watch TV with him." He kissed her without her consent, and then said, "You're from overseas, so you have a lot of experience doing this, right?" before trying to have sex with her.

She was certain Lee knew she was underage. Not only did she look young, but her mini-hompy, where she was friends with him, clearly stated that she was in high school. She denied she had any experience, but raped her.

She said, "I remember the color of underwear I was wearing, and how he acted after he found out it was my first time. He washed my bloody clothes and told me to go wash up in the bathroom. I was shocked at what happened and I cleaned myself in the bathroom."

After when 'One Night of TV Entertainment' aired, he told her he had to go attend to schedules. She said, "He took me in his dark SUV and dropped me off at a nearby station. I remember how he told me to kiss his cheek when I got off."

She used her sister's ID to be prescribed a Plan B pill, and then decided to bury it. However, when she saw the #MeToo Movement, she found courage to talk about it. She said, "I couldn't tell my parents. If I reported it, I thought my parents would have a hard time. I didn't tell anyone except the one friend who went with me to the obstetrician. I thought the pain would fade, but it hasn't."

She said, "What I want is for him to repent, and to publicly state his crimes to possible other underage victims, and to apologize sincerely. After that summer, he didn't contact me at all, and then contacted me in the winter through Cyworldasking, 'How are you doing?' He doesn't know what he did wrong. I lost my first experience like that and spent time in pain. I hope he knows what kind of crime he committed."

SBS funE contacted Lee, who could not remember until he heard a few information about 'A'. He said, "I didn't know she was underage at the time, and only had intercourse because I liked her. If I thought I had raped her, why would I contact her again? I didn't know she remembered that day like that. If that hurt her, I must apologize. If I have the chance, I want to talk to her directly. If I can, I want to clear misunderstandings. I support the #MeToo Movement, and I'm shocked that I am one of the targets. I can't believe it."

'A' is currently looking at taking legal action.
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