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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Saturday, March 31, 2018

Korean Netizens' Most Savage Comments

1. What Happened To Harry Potter?
Daniel Radcliffe did not expect this savage Korean netizen comment when he was hanging out with a friend.

A netizen commented, "We're witnessing the bizarre phenomenon of Harry Potter turning into Hagrid."
Image Credit: Splash News
2. Like Owner Like Dog
Jo Kwon expected to be showered with love for his cute Italian greyhound, instead, he was faced with quite some shocking comments about the dog's tiny head.

"I expected it to be cutely small but it's as small as Jo Kwon's eye."
3. Donation Lover??
G.O. has recently been inviting his girlfriend Choi Ye Seul for streams together and normally fans would be happy. But Korean netizens literally have no chill.

"Seems like he's getting more recognition after becoming a BJ/Online Streamer than he ever got when he was a celebrity."

4. Passing up Pyongyang???
The Actress-Idol Joy from Red Velvet can't attend the North Korea concert due to her acting schedule. But netizens haven't taken the news lightly.

"Her main job is a singer, that should take priority. Isn't her drama recording super low viewer ratings? Like 2.2%?! Just go back to dancing."
5. Too Stretched?
Jung So Min, Lee Joon's girlfriend, has faced the consequences of Joon's transfer to public services due to his panic disorder. Not only did netizens comment on her dating a man with a panic disorder and claim it to be false but they have also attacked her for her new photos.

"She stretched the pictures too much, she looks like Stretch Armstrong."

6. Missed Opportunity
A Wanna One fan bought 213 copies of her favorite group's album to get entry into Wanna One's fan signing (that's 4.26 Million KRW or around $4,000) and still didn't get in. Netizens all over commented on how sad it is that this fan spent so much money.

"This is so pathetic, I'm just glad that she's not my own daughter. I get that it's her own money and she's free to spend it however she wants but this is just pathetic."

Not only do they blame the fan but they are also blaming greed.

"Does nobody think that there's an issue with singers holding fan signings on an entry basis according to album sales? At least make it first come first serve... it's sad that they're using the allowance money of young girls to spend on dating other girls and buying buildings ??"
7. Taking Athleisure to the Extreme
Hwang Seung Eon opted for a comfortable sporty look for her airport fashion but unfortunately did not receive the attention she wanted.

"She looks like she's missing a few IQ points..." Feelsbad
Image Credit: Newsen
8. Naturally Savage
On a TV Show, Jiyoung said: "I'm a natural beauty except for my Eyes and Nose."

Netizens then replied, "I'm a genius student except for in Math, Science, Writing, and History." Another wrote, "I'm so good at calculating things except for anything that involves numbers."
9. Self-Deprecating Netizens
Netizens can be savage at themselves as well. When people pointed out that there's a cool mobile app on the drama 'That Winter' where it finds songs matched to your face. Netizens wrote, "I got matched with Phantom of the Opera." While another wrote, "I got Big Bang's MONSTER."
10. Defending Their Faves
A netizen gave rapper B-Free a sad reality check after he said "he'd bitch slap BTS the next time he sees them", saying: "How do you expect to reach and slap BTS when you can't even reach the charts?"

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Mr_SoneForever57 pts Saturday, December 15, 2018 0
Saturday, December 15, 2018

As hateful and as negative as those k-netizens are who are almost never ever happy with anything, they do have a good sense of humour.



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