Posted by Germaine-Jay Saturday, December 16, 2017

TAHITI's label speaks up about controversy around Jisu's departure

TAHITI, Jisu, Miso
TAHITI's label head Lee Se Junghas spoken up about the recent controversy surrounding Jisu'sdeparture from the girl group.

Yesterday, member Misoaccused Jisu of lying about her reasons for leaving TAHITI in an angry Instagram post, and fans have been left confused about the matter. On December 16, the CEO of JLine Entertainmentheld an interview with media outlets, stating, "When Jisu told us she was sick, we wanted to prioritize her health, so we told her to take a break. We said she could resume her activities when she recovered. We filed a request for an injunction on her contract until then, and she responded through her lawyer."

CEO Lee continued, "Contract injunctions can only be granted if both parties come to an agreement. Jisu's lawyer said she wanted to terminate her contract because we couldn't consider her health. Both parties have to agree, but Jisu wasn't answering our calls. We waited for a long time because Jisu was sick. I'm worried the rest of the members will be hurt by this. That's my biggest worry as of now."

He also revealed TAHITI's contract ends in April of 2019, and as for whether JLine Entertainment will accept Jisu's leave from the group, he stated, "Nothing has been discussed. The reason we didn't respond to Jisu's Instagram post is because she didn't write that she would leave the group. She said she wouldn't be able to stand as a member of TAHITI anymore, but that doesn't mean she's leaving necessarily. That's why we're waiting until she discusses it with us clearly."

The CEO concluded he would have to get in contact with Jisu's lawyer to proceed.

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