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Posted by KpopJoA28 pts Tuesday, September 19, 2017

7 stars who are the top role models to rookie idols

Lee Hyori, G-Dragon, Zico, IU, Boa, Yoon Mi Rae, BTS
1. 'Trendsetter' G-Dragon
First up is none other than Big Bang leader G-Dragon as many might have guessed. Setting the trend in various genres, not only in music but fashion as well, it's no wonder many newcomers to the industry look up to the world-renowned artist.

Thanks to his unique visual concepts and countless impacts, G-Dragon has taken the stage as a world star and is in the middle of his successful 'ACT III: MOTTE' world tour.
2. 'Popular on a global scale' BTS
Having made their debut 5 years ago, BTS is one of the leading groups of this generation, no doubt about that.

The group is flawless when it comes to singing, rapping, and kicking off an explosive performance, not to mention their great teamwork. Whatever you want in a group, BTS has it all!

The idol group recently returned with "DNA" which topped various music charts in a total of 73 countries, demonstrating their impeccable bangtan power.
3. 'Making history as Korea's top female rapper' Yoon Mi Rae
It is every aspiring female rapper's wish to become like the legendary Yoon Mi Rae, as she quickly rose to fame in the hip-hop scene. From her first appearance with Uptown in the 1990's, you knew her rap game was just on a level above everyone else, both male and female.

Yoon Mi Rae has also been receiving numerous love calls overseas from artists who are hoping to collaborate with the talented rapper for her legendary rapping/singing capabilities.
4. 'Asia's Star' BoA
Taking East Asia by storm in her early teens, BoA was given the title as 'Asia's Star' as her popularity skyrocketed in Korea as well as Japan.

Debuting at the young age of 13, which wasn't common in the early 2000s, BoA rose to stardom as many girls dreamed of becoming 'No.1' like her.

If you're a female solo artist that just debuted, BoA is definitely a role model you would want to emulate.
5. 'Hottie Hottie' Zico
Zico started off as an underground rapper when he entered the industry and then later went on to join Block B.

Many junior idols look up to Zico for his diverse expertise in rapping and producing. Many consider Zico to be one of the best producers in the game today. For male rappers in a small company just starting out, Zico is someone you can look at and say, "I can be like him too."
6. 'Singer-songwriter Empress' IU
It wouldn't make sense to leave out IU from this list, who celebrates 9 years since her debut this year, especially when it boils down to writing and composing one's own tracks.

With her sweet vocals and cute visuals, IU was named 'the nation's little sister' as she is a digital monster, always ranking number one on the music charts.
7. 'Representative female solo singer' Lee Hyori
It's safe to say that many female singers out today dream of becoming a popular singer like Lee Hyori.

Many of your favorite artists today will say that Lee Hyori was their role model.

During her prime, Lee Hyori's fancy performance left many in awe as she dominated the stage with her strong presence. The diva became the icon that many Korean females wanted to emulate.

  1. Lee Hyori
  2. G-Dragon
  3. Zico
  4. IU
  5. Boa
  6. Yoon Mi Rae
  7. BTS
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