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New thriller film 'Toilet' accused of reenacting a controversial, real-life crime + director responds

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Film director Lee Sang Hun's upcoming thriller 'Toliet' has been accused of reenacting a controversial, real-life murder case from 2016.

On August 10, the 'Toliet' staff revealed the official release date set for this August, as well as the movie's main poster.

Shortly afterward, the film caused an uproar on online communities, as onlookers claimed the story was based on a 2016 murder case which occurred inside a women's public restroom near Gangnam Station. If true, it is highly likely that the movie may be a reminder of a painful event for the victim's families. Also, the phrase on the poster reads, "Everything happened due to impulse and spontaneous rage." 

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In response, director Lee Sang Hun posted a long message via his Instagram page, explaining, "I am quite flustered as I did not foresee such an incident happening, and would like to clear up the misunderstanding. 'Toliet' is a film that has nothing to do with the Gangnam Station case, nor is it a film that sides with the assailant."

He went on, "I, more than anyone else, am totally pent up about the Gangnam Station case and feel hostility toward the criminal for committing such brutal acts. With that being said, 'Toliet' is a film which was created by people who wanted to sound the alarm regarding these kinds of crimes... The overall message of the film is that there is no such thing as a perfect crime, and the criminal is the one who gets punished in the end. By all means, I hope that there will be no more misunderstandings or inconvenient matters regarding this."

Lastly, he wrote, "Nevertheless, I would like to deeply apologize if this may have caused unsettled hearts and misunderstanding. Once again, I plead that there will not be any further confusion or any type of slanders against the film."

As a result of the controversy, it is now uncertain whether or not Lee Sang Hun's film 'Toliet' will even be released at this point.


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