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6 celebrities who revealed they are 'Motae Solo' (Never Dated Before)

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Several of our favorite celebrities are surprising fans by speaking out about their 'Motae Solo', or never-dated-before relationship statuses! Here are 6 stars who recently gained attention for revealing that they've been single for life!

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1.  Wanna One/NU'EST's Minhyun

Wanna One member Minhyun recently revealed he is (or kind of still is) a 'motae solo' on the August 3 episode of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3'. Even though he's ''dated'' a girl in middle school for a short time after exchanging several texts, at age 23, he described his dating experience as very "confusing".  

2. Jang Moon Bok

At age 23, the former 'Produce 101' season 2 contestant fantasizes about having his first kiss. He mentioned previously on a variety program, "People were quite frank about their relationship statuses," and confessed he had never been in a relationship before.

3. Kim So Hyun

19-year old actress Kim So Hyun expressed her wishes to date in her 20s. "There was no particular reason for me [to date]. I also couldn't attend school much because of my childhood acting career."

4. Yeo Jin Goo

Actor Yeo Jin Goo had said honestly once, "I wonder how it feels like to date."  The 21-year old star revealed his ideal type of woman as "someone who eats well."  In a past interview, he commented, "If I had a girlfriend, I would take her to the amusement park, as well as the movies."

5. Dohee

Actress Dohee made her small screen debut on 'Reply 1994'. The 24-year old singer-turned-actress mentioned, "There's one bad thing about being a 'motae solo'; I tend to fall in love rather quickly. If someone shows a glimpse of interest toward me, I totally fall for that person, assuming that they like me."

6. Park Eun Bin

Actress Park Eun Bin had admitted she was a 'motae solo' after appearing in a JTBC drama. When asked why, Park Eun Bin answered, "Since I have something I really want to do, I just don't have the time or heart to date. I think dating is such a complicated thing. It's like a person dealing with various issues in life bumps into another being who is dealing with their own personal issues and they try to work things out somehow... I'm not so sure about that."

Are any of you 'Motae Solo's?

  1. Minhyun
  2. Dohee
  3. Yeo Jin Goo
  4. Kim So Hyun
  5. Wanna One
  6. Jang Moon Bok




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