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Netizens wonder why pacifiers are given as gifts to female idols

A wide range of gifts are usually presented to idols during concerts and fan meetings by fans. Gifts that can be worn by idols such as a garland of flowers, pajamas and more are popular.

The reason is that the stars appear to shine brighter when they wear particular accessories given by their dedicated fans. It also leaves fans satisfied when they see their idols wear the items they have gifted. 

However, what's causing netizens to frown is the fact that some female idols were given and can be seen sucking on pacifiers meant for babies while interacting with fans at events.

In regards to this, numerous photos have been popping up on online community boards and social media, as netizens voiced their opinions.  "Girl group members sucking on pacifiers, what kind of messed up mentality is this?" "Seeing all-grown up females with pacifiers in their mouths is very disturbing to me."  While others explained they were just candy similar to Ring Pop with pacifiers at the end.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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