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Leeteuk talks about what Super Junior means to him amid Sungmin/Kangin situation

By jennywill   Saturday, June 17, 2017   144,780   12,015   0



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Leeteuk spoke up on what Super Junior meant to him.

Leeteuk has led the group through good and hard times. Lately, both Super Junior and fans are going through hard times because of the Sungmin/Kangin situation, and Leeteuk's words gave strength to the fans.

He wrote, "Super Junior is a team I bet my life on. There are a lot of things I gave up to make these choices, and there are lots of things that I gained from those choices. Making a choice is taking responsibility to not making the other choice. I will continue to be like that. This is just late-night emotional talk. I'm just saying..."

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Xiao_Mao Tuesday, June 20, 2017

why do i feel like the k-fan have the mindset that idol should take responbility since they have been supporting the idols and spend lot of money for them? they act like they are suju owner. what rights do they have to make someone left their group, its their works and no matter how you think of it, s/k is currently still having an exclusive contract with SM , then how can they leave?will they feel better if s/k actually leave? what a  stupid pride :(this situation will make the other member be in a lot of pressure too :" what if the other members prefer to leave when they get married since their fans are so screepy like this, omg i need to protect ma baby :"(((

fullheart05 Monday, June 19, 2017

I am not Korean and as much As I respect them, they need to see that Super Junior does not just belong to them.   Get a life,  Super Junior is not Super Junior without Sungmin and Kangin.   Who cares if all of them were married.    They are Super Junior because they are a family together.     Stay together, ignore the people who don t know what they are talking about.    America loves you.

angel214 fullheart05 Monday, June 19, 2017

The french elf love all members and support all members of super junior too because they are a family. I m agree with you ...................

DV_Agreda Monday, June 19, 2017

Why would you say "Always 13" when you want even one member to be kicked out from the group? PLEASE, be broad-minded. They have a LIFE. They have to live like normal people at least, and being normal comes with committing some mistakes. Why shouldn't we just wish them luck, pray for them and cheer for them instead of making things that would let them feel even worse? They were made as a group, to ENTERTAIN US and NOT TO PLEASE US! So PLEASE, stop pleading for Sungmin and Kangin leaving the group. Stop complaining that you were hurt. Remember, we are FANS and definitely not BASHERS!

Kura2654 Monday, June 19, 2017

There's a lot of us international fans (me included) Yes we dont know the full extent of what is going on. We do however understand your point of view (that is thanks to wonderful chelsea101) but the point of conflict is you guys want Sungmin kicked out of the group bc of it and that you feel in the future he might do this again?  Unless k-elfs want him on a podium with a mic and make a public apology (although I heard he has made apologies thru letters during the time of his duty so maybe he could post that on his SNS? Idk) Yes Sungmin handle the situation poorly but isnt the first time he has done something wrong? We all make mistakes and we learn from them. He's human and so are you guys. Both of you guys can do better in the future together. I wish luck to both sides and the end result is that we get all of our boys together for the comeback Kangin included

KarinKirana Sunday, June 18, 2017

This is so sad. I never like the idea of kicking a member from a group (unless they are really problematic). Lee Teuk is probably so sad with the situation now since he's been carrying the burden and responsibilities of the member's act on his own shoulder since forever, alone. Despite most members went for enlist, SJ doesn't seem like they exist since the remaining members are focusing on individual activities. I bet Lee Teuk is happy knowing that now almost all SJ members will gather again and start their group activities and make a comeback. Sungmin had been away for two years, Kangin also had been on hiatus for a while. Teukkie probably thought that things have cold down and knowing the ELF's are super lovely and forgiving, he may think that ELF will give these two one last chance, for the sake of Super Junior. But that didn't happen. K-ELFS may have their reason to be mad, Sungmin may have his reason with his marriage decision or whatever his action. Things are too heated up now and one party must man up and take action. I can only imagine that Sungmin and Kangin make a PC or public apology (in the TV) to whoever they've hurt (including the members, family) and promise that they will try to make it up to the fans and reflect themselves from what they did. Who knows things got cold and fans will give them one last chance. Super Junior had lost Hangeng and Kibum, they almost lost Kyu in the accident. I don't think they wanna experience losing members again after all the years. It's already been hard when the members went for enlistment. Now they need to kick another members for good? If you didn't wanna support Sungmin, or Kangin anymore, just dont cheer for them but let them remain in the group for the sake of other members. Can you do that, dear ELFs? And Sungmin should ask his wife to stay low and always think before making any action that could worsen the relation between him and the fans. Goodluck! (Just my opinion)

Maggie Sunday, June 18, 2017

Too bad most international fans are very ignorant of the actual situation. The problem is not Sungmin's marriage. It's how he handled his marriage news, how he treated fans' gift and among many other things between the members. You guys don't know the real story. Too bad K-ELFs got a bad reputation.

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

no /you/ don't know the full story. k-elf failed time and time again to present any evidence or receipts that support their claims against Sungmin. there were no photos proving that Saeun wore fan gifts, no screencaps of the fansites who allegedly sent those gifts complaining about it, there are no screencaps that prove he blocked k-elf from his blog, no proof that he sent Leeteuk a letter asking for his blessings while the latter was still mourning, no proof that the nickname he used in his signature was a message to his girlfriend (it was his own nickname for god's sake) and if anyone follows SJ they'd know the claims about Sungmin neglecting group activities and missing concerts because of his wedding are bullshit, actually those can be proved easily with a little google search. and the other reasons are absolute bullshit and anyone who believes them or think they are a good enough reason to kick him out of the group should seriously revise their morals (like not inviting his fans to his private wedding, who in the hell would do that?) besides, LivSM aka one of Sungmin's biggest fanbases came out and disproved k-elf's lies, the whole thing about him asking fans to make a special video for his wedding was a lie, the fans did it on their own free will and he liked the videos so he compiled and edited them himself and broadcasted them in his wedding as a nice gesture toward his fans. you should know that the people making all this fuss about wanting him out aren't even his fans. they are fans of other members who are using him as a scapegoat to terrorize the other memebrs from thinking of doing the same as long as they are still in the group.

Maggie chounim Monday, June 19, 2017

All I can say is that some claims appear to be true, and some are totally false. There are enough evidence for me to believe that Sungmin didn't do a good job with the whole situation and with his SJ members. Of course they are ELFs pissed only because of the marriage, but that's not the majority of reasons. You believe what you want. I'm not even an ELF. I just want to say that most ELFs are not unreasonable.

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

pray show me these evidences. you say there are evidences right? so just show them to us lmao. you are not even a SJ fans but i have been a SJ fan for 8 years and this shit has been going for close to 3 years now and guess what? no evidences or proofs have ever once been presented. but since you claim to have seen them, pray tell me more about it. no proof, no true, period.

Maggie chounim Monday, June 19, 2017

There are. But they are in Chinese. Can you read Chinese?

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

lmfao you made me laugh. so k-elf have been compaining for 3 years to kick him out and every piece of reason they presented has already been translated to english years ago yet the evidences are in chinese? ok, i'll play along, i don't read chinese but i have a chinese friend so give these evidences to me and i'll make her read them for me ^_^

Maggie chounim Monday, June 19, 2017

I don't understand translations of English or Chinese have anything to do with your argument. But here you go. I don't believe everything on this is fact, but it's enough for you look at to see the extent of what's going on. tinyurl (.) com (/) yalns7sa

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

are you for real? those are not evidences, that's a chinese translation (literally) of k-elf's reasons to kick Sungmin out. it is literally a direct translation that doesn't have any more evidences or proofs than the original source (aka k-elf). this is exactly what english and chinese translations have to do with my arguments. if everything k-elf said was already translated to english then be assured that if there were any real evidences they'd also be translated to english. if there are no evidences in korean then it is only laughable to presume they'd be any in chinese and, exactly there was none either. anyone using receipts of Sungmin and his wife being happy in their honeymoon or in public dates are an evidence that he deserves to be out of the group should honestly be ashamed of themselves and the only other receipt was the signature but like i said "mimi" happens to be Sungmin's nickname as well so unless thse people can read minds, it is literally impossible to conclude it was a message to his then girlfriend and that photo of her holding the doll???? where the proofs that that was a fangift to Sungmin? none lol.

Maggie chounim Monday, June 19, 2017

English translations and Chinese translations are the same thing. I don't know what EVIDENCE you want. There is no EVIDENCE. It's not court of law here. It's use what people show and how the other members talk about the situation years ago on Radio Star for example. I don't know what kind of imaginary EVIDENCE you want me to provide here. You want a screen cap of the bar code on the fan gift or something? Get real here.

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

do you know what the members said about it in that radio show (which was shimshimtapa btw not radio star), they were teasing him about his relationship, saying things like (if musicals and SJ sunk in the sea whom will you save), the obviously meant his girlfriend because they met in a musical. wht kind of evidence is that already? that he was dating and that his members knew? who the fuck cares? this is not a court of law but these bullies have been bullying Sungmin and his wife for years now and they are trying to end his career and kick him out of his job which will deprive him of his main source of income, using a bunch of reasons as their excuse. you know what those reasons are? they claim he blocked them from his blog but they never provided a screencap that shows they were indeed blocked, they claim he deleted their comments from his blog but a- they can't prove it and b- even if it did happen, we never know if those comments really deserved to be deleted, they claim they had no idea about him dating and planning to get married and that they felt betrayed when he announced it through the media and not personally but a- they lied because in the same list they mention they knew about his relationship but kept quiet because they didn't believe he was really going to marry, b- he didn't announce it through the media, it was papparazzi who announced it and then he confirmed it publicly and c- he is a celebrity, there is nothing wrong with him announcing his marriage through media. they claim he gave fan gifts to his wife but a- there is no proof that those things are fan gifts (fansites usually take photos of their gifts and post them in their blogs so this should be very easy to prove, except it is not true) and b- she is his wife for god's sake, they share their entire lives together so why can't they share their belongings? these fans wouldn't be complaining if he shared fangifts with his parents and brother. they claimed he sent an insensetive letter to ask leeteuk for his blessings when leeteuk was mourning but there is absolutely no way to prove this unless k-elf admit they stole leeteuk's mail and provide a proof shot. they claimed he asked i-fans to make a video for his wedding but said i-fans came out and say he didn't ask them but they made the video on their own free will and sent them to him and because he liked them he compiled and edited them into one video and aired it in his wedding etc etc. heck one of their reasons of wanting him out is that he didn't invite them to his private wedding (for fuck's sake). i am not asking for something impossible, i am just saying that if k-elf are going to bully someone out of his job then they better provide evidence to their claims because otherwise those are just rumours and hear-say bullshit. and then here come i-fans like you who choose to willingly believe k-elf's words at face value w/o even demanding receipts or proofs. i hope you realize that that means you condone bullying, congrats.

Maggie chounim Monday, June 19, 2017

I don't have the time you have to read an insane fan's long comment. But no. I'm talking Radio Star, not SSTP. If you are a real ELF, you should know that they had appeared as guests on Radio Star in 2015. I'm not an ELF, and even I know this.

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

you weren't clear in your previous post so i thought you were talking about the SSTP incident when was mentioned in your earlier link. you are in no place to judge whether i am a real fan or not and next time try to either admit you were wrong in supporting a bunch of bullies without asking for their evidences or just stick to your arguments. this just proves that there is no basis behind your entire argument and that you're but another sheep fan who drinks up any bullshit korean fans say just because they are korean, goodbye.

Maggie chounim Monday, June 19, 2017

I was as clear as saying it's Radio Star, and you feel you know better than me and so you try to correct me. You are an insane fan. I just want to say that not all K-Elfs are crazy like you. Go take a chill pill.

chounim Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

that incident literally doesn't matter and doesn't change anything in the situation but i guess i am insane because i have common sense and don't suck up to k-elf? are they pay for your tuition or something? you are totally ridiculous, you said i-fans don't know the full story and that k-elf are not unreasonable and that you saw their evidences (111!!!11111) and i literally proved everything you said wrong but you couldn't even refute anything i said and instead hung on a small mistake which, like i said, happened because the SSTP incident i mentioned was literally in the link you provided so i asumed you were talking about that considering how the radio star episode is absolutely irrelevant here? keep reaching and stay sucking up to k-elf's bully asses you moron.

angel214 Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

What can be said about sungmin and kangin will never change my opinion on super junior. They have spent bad times together sometimes because of the mechancete of some anti fans and I know that leeteuk will always support its members because they are like brothers , The private life of sungmin remains his private life . I am very proud to be elf even if I am not in Korea but in France . I would always support my group in good and bad times..Leeteuk is the best leader for me .Kangin et Sungmin are super junior member and will always be.

Kyuhyun0203sj Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

Maggie, I know what u are talking about. Maybe u r talking abt the things btn the most close fans who went to sungmin mom's café very often, right? And u've saw the blog from a chinese fan or some japenese fan twitter? They show a lot of pics showing online conversation btn fans and sungmin which revealed sungmin's ignorance n impolite. However, I can see those "evidence" are hardly shown to non asia fans. Good to Sungmin.

Maggie Kyuhyun0203sj Monday, June 19, 2017

No. I didn't know about cafe thing. I was reading a list of the past incidents people compiled. Obviously there are many many things in the conversation. Some are false. But people just assume I'm talking about something that's nonsense. But in any case, most international fans have zero idea and just think ELFs are irrational. The link I shared earlier is in Chinese.

Kyuhyun0203sj Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

Got it, pity.that I cant post any link to show any "evidence" here" XD, anyway, I got stop myself from browsing int fans comment to not to get upset. They dont know what happened but judge arrogantly.

Maggie Kyuhyun0203sj Monday, June 19, 2017

Ikr? It's like two worlds if you read Asian comment sections. It's night and day. Its too hard to explain anyway. People who just maybe spend money on buying their CDs once every other year won't understand what some K-ELFs are going through, let along the ones spending zero dollars on SJ and they just complain and bitch here on AKP when they know absolutely nothing. I don't necessarily agree that Sungmin should leave SJ, but I UNDERSTAND where these K-ELFs are coming from.

bangeryun94 Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

Sorry but that's total bullshit. Every so called complaint has been debunked. In the end the ELF complaining about Sungmin tried to mask their disapproval of him getting married with 100% made up baloney.

Maggie bangeryun94 Monday, June 19, 2017

Which one is debunked? There are at least like 7-8 issues. I want to know.

bangeryun94 Maggie Monday, June 19, 2017

ALL OF THEM. 1. His mother never said anything about being against the marriage. SHE made that quite clear and threatened to sue the media that released it. 2. Sungmin said that he would discuss his marriage with fans happily when they apologised to his wife, when they stopped stalking her on social media and when they stopped disparaging her. 3. Sungmin did block ELF-those that were making death threats against him and Saeun. 4. He said he would be happy to unblock them as soon as they apologised. 5. Saeun bought identical items that fans had given Sungmin. She said she saw how he loved certain items and decided to buy identical ones for herself. SHE apologised for this stating she didn't know how much this hurt his fans. Heechul apologised for the way he treated Sungmin before and after his wedding. He said it was rude and he was ashamed. I think that covers almost everything.

Kyuhyun0203sj bangeryun94 Monday, June 19, 2017

His wife is a good purchaser. She should run a department store! Does she accept orders? I will pay commisions.for her to buy me identical gifts which overseas elfs gave to sungmin. Where and how do u kow his mother wants to sue media? I have to let int elf know there are not only k elf are kicking min out. The largest chinese min fan club is shut down now. Japan elf is having a.kick out vote on twitter. Taiwan elf express that they absolutely understand how k elf feel. So, I think min is in his risk in east asia area.

Maggie bangeryun94 Monday, June 19, 2017

You've seen some claims and I've seen something completely different. Some of the rebuttal I don't even know such problems exist in the first place. So I think there are like over ten issues that need clarity. And the problems that I've seen and the problems that you are trying to clear of aren't even necessarily the same things at all. I don't even know about the mom issues for example. So I don't want to argue about these things. But let me ask this, when did Heechul apologize? And also I want to add that it's a fact that his wife clicked LIKES on post with pic of international ELFs slapping K-ELFs. That's a fact, right?

bangeryun94 Maggie Tuesday, June 20, 2017

No, that is not a fact. That was photoshopped. Just more people fanning flames.

bangeryun94 Kyuhyun0203sj Tuesday, June 20, 2017

If you want to be sarcastic I'm game. Just don't get pressed when I shove it up your boohiney.

Maggie bangeryun94 Tuesday, June 20, 2017

If anything can be claimed as photoshopped or heresay (I still haven't heard your specific reference as to when Heechul ever apologized), then there is no point for discussion. Really. Save you some time.

Kyuhyun0203sj bangeryun94 Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Calm down, my dear. I am not sarcastic, I am just logical and rational. And be sure to offer reference of what u mentioned abt heechul' apology and abt sungmin's mother sueing media. There's no evidence!

bangeryun94 Maggie Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why? You're just going to say it isn't true. Allkpop had an article about it. He was on a program not too long after Sungmin's wedding and he apologised on TV. Imagine that. Sungmin's not going anywhere. And don't grab an attitude with me when your disapproval of Sungmin takes a sharp left turn

bangeryun94 Kyuhyun0203sj Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Look it up asshole and don't tell me to do shit.

Kyuhyun0203sj bangeryun94 Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sorry to see such a rude repy. U can see members did not support his maarige from rs interview and that's why u see heechl' "apology". Anyway, do u know memners seats are far away from sungmin's in min's wedding? They even went dinner together after wedding. And why don't they support min? That are lots more u dont know. The apology doesn't make any sense but I believe it clams u dowm.

bangeryun94 Kyuhyun0203sj Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If ONLY I could read the alien language you just commented in. Were you perhaps ... not calm? And of course you would say it's not true even though he did it ON TELEVISION AFTER SUNGMIN'S WEDDING. I could produce the video and you would still call it a lie. You need to leave this alone. It gets you far too excitable and makes you say ridiculous things. They don't make any sense, perhaps you should calm down.

Kyuhyun0203sj bangeryun94 Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sorry for my spelling. I didn't say the apology is a lie. U misunderstood. I mean h apologized for he did not accept and felt upset for his member who insisted to get married during activity and leeturk father death. That's not proper in korea culture. EVEV THOUGH H apologized in the show, the apology means nothing to k elf but a fact min got married even non of his members supported him. I will leave this alone, bcz we are in different world, I can read in several languages so I know there are much more things other than what english news presented. Anyway, the apology is true. I mean it! Don't get mad.

chounim Kyuhyun0203sj Thursday, June 22, 2017

as usual, Kyuhyun stans are the most vocal against Sungmin. how pathetic and transparent. the k-elf you are kissing up to threatened to unstan Kyuhyun just a few months ago, as a few of them actually did and Deerest closed down even, because of the rumour that he was dating his stylist until the poor girl (whom they bullied btw), came out and denied the rumors and said she had a different boyfriend. these pests are going to ruin your bias' private life in the future but, hey, keep licking their shit. let's also not forget that they tried to bully him out of the group in 2006 and bullied Henry and Zhoumi for years and bullied a girl into killing herself because she took a photo with Kangin. truly a role model fandom that deserves to be defended viciously and believed and followed blindly like y'all pathetic sheep are doing.

Kyuhyun0203sj chounim Thursday, June 22, 2017

I dont know what u are talking abt. I did not see any rumors.neither news abt kyuhyun's in love with his stylist and if he is ,so what? Are the rumors or news only in english? Anyway, I am glad if he is in love bcz he complains abt he is single for a long time. I expect him to get married soon and want to see that he has cute babies who could sing with him. That's so wonderful!

neoncrucifixion Sunday, June 18, 2017

Just saying: Kangin and Sungmin will always be a part of SuJu!!

angel214 neoncrucifixion Monday, June 19, 2017

Totally agree with you .They are the best group for me with all members .

kimmiefonze Sunday, June 18, 2017

Leeteuk is one of the idols that probably suffered a lot in life. He has never been my bias but I always respect him as a person and as a leader. A lot of fans failed to realize that demanding problematic members out of Super Junior does more harm than good especially to the men themselves. While they are not the BFFs we ELFs wanted them to be, they are a family who built a life together for almost twenty years and forcing them turn their back on family is just plain evil.

Multifandomkk Sunday, June 18, 2017

Super Junior fighting!! Leeteuk has been through so much in his life and he's still such a great leader. I hope when they comeback later this year, they'll see how much their fans love them.

angel214 Multifandomkk Monday, June 19, 2017

Totally agree with you Leeteuk is the best leader And it allowed a super junior to be always there, twelve years after their debut

its_zo Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rambling, ok, fair. We all need a moment on occasion.Sungmin himself isn't a "situation", the situation is the pitiful "fans" who somehow feel betrayed by him marrying someone he loves.

HummingBirdz0 its_zo Sunday, June 18, 2017

The fan went overboard with demanding to take sungmin out from this band! Life moves on but they're a bunch of salty bitches don't have a life so they just want to remove him from the group to fell achievement ~ so sad

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