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Dasom to make a cameo appearance in Kim Soo Hyun's action film 'Real'

By KpopJoA   Thursday, June 15, 2017   11,834   2,348   0



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Singer/actress Dasom will be making a special appearance in action/noir film 'Real', starring Kim Soo Hyun and Sulli!

A representative of Starship Entertainment told Xports News on June 15, "Dasom will be making a cameo appearance in movie 'Real.'"

'Real' is an action/noir film revolving around a casino story and two men full of secrets. It will also be Kim Soo Hyun's first attempt at playing two different roles, leading to even more anticipation by the masses.

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Previously, Dasom received much love and support as a member of SISTAR. Now that the popular girl group has disbanded, many are looking forward to what the singer-turned-actress has in store in the latest movie, hitting theaters this month.

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Longan_Lychee Friday, June 16, 2017

How much more are they going to do mediaplay for this ’’Real’’ film, which is going to flop anyway? Kim Soo Hyun’s flop film will be a stain in his filmography, but don’t worry.. after military service, he only needs to comeback in a drama which either will do moderately well or be smash hit and he is guaranteed infinite amount of praising by journalists, tons of CFs and maybe China money if the THAAD conflict is over and years of mediaplay and then he’ll comeback again after 5 years. Or he’ll take the Won Bin route

partyfan2013 Thursday, June 15, 2017

Well, this will just be Dasom's first guest starring role as an actress following SISTAR's recent disbandment.  We shall anticipate what charms Dasom will deliver in the movie.

Mystica Thursday, June 15, 2017

So? the film is already filmed .. how could she be a cameo? Oh, sulli made mistakes, and they are switching her with dasom?

ppase Mystica Friday, June 16, 2017

She probably did the cameo before filming stopped but now just released news of Dasom's part in it.

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