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Posted by AllK_Maknae9 pts Thursday, June 15, 2017

Things guaranteed to make K-Pop fans cringe

1. Racism
Unfortunately, racism is everywhere. Whether Koreans are doing blackface or ignorant comments are being made towards our favorite idols, like what recently occurred with Jay Park, we all dislike racism.
2. Bad Hair Stylists
There are countless hairstylists that made absolute tragedies out of our favorite idols' hair. Feelsbadman.
3. Terrible Fashion Stylists
Bad Hairstylists aren't the only ones at fault here. These fashion terrorist makers made us cringe on more than one occasion and will certainly feel the wrath of angry fans.
4. Fan Wars
No one likes them and we all try to avoid them - especially if it's over some petty nonsense.
5. Saying he's 'My Husband'
We all know that one girl who refers to every male idol as her husband and we just wanna smack them into reality when they over do it. You can sometimes spot the infamous signs in the crowds during concerts!
6. English Fails
Sometimes this can be LOL but often times it makes you cringe. While we all adore their humble mess ups and attempts at such a difficult language, there have been some cringe-worthy moments of idols trying to speak in English. Especially in songs.
7. Perverted Fan-fiction
It is an art form. It is a method of expression for some fans. However, that does not make it any less cringey when someone writes somewhat perverted sex scenes about two idols. It is your life though, so do you. This shared portion is at least PG13.
8. Cute Girl Group Rapper
Sometimes the "rapper" isn't really a rapper at all. They even admit they were forced into the position as they rap as cutely as they can to get by.
9. Sasaengs
You don't even need to explain it, just the toxic word alone makes everyone in the K-Pop world cringe.

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