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Posted by beansss AKP STAFF Thursday, June 22, 2017

ChoA uploads second post on Instagram denying ongoing rumors and explaining her trip to Japan

ChoA, who took to her Instagram to announce her departure from AOA, has uploaded another lengthy post, further explaining her reasons for leaving the industry while denying the ongoing rumors which claim that the singer's reasons for leaving her idol group are due to an upcoming marriage. Instead, she chose to explain her situation in a very honest letter, which you can find below. 

She wrote:

"I know that the more you all show interest in me, the more rumors there will be. I am not pregnant, I did not get an abortion, nor am I leaving the group because of a marriage. There are a lot of celebrities who date publicly, and if I want to, I can just do the same and continue promoting, so I don't know why my departure from the group is being associated with dating rumors. I'm the type to not have very many friends, so it's true that he has been a big strength to me recently. If we continue to build our relationship, there is nothing wrong with dating, so I will be as honest as necessary and will continue to have a budding relationship with him. I decided my departure after a lengthy amount of thought, so please do not associate it with other issues. 

Up until now, they have been pressuring me by saying that they will make the photos go public, but now [that the photos are out], I feel rather relieved. I will add another photo to accompany the photos and articles from today, and would like to explain myself. 

It looks like I went on a couple vacation with just the two of us, but it was my first overseas trip with my older and younger sister. My younger sister, who is in her first year of middle school, likes to draw and likes animation, so I chose Japan in the hopes that the trip might help her future just a little bit. I'm the only one who can speak broken Japanese, and it was our first family trip to Japan, so I had to be in charge of everything, but for me, who has never been to Japan other than for schedules, it was very difficult for me to reserve things in Japanese and find attractions, so I asked an acquaintance whom I've known for the past 3 years. He led us as a guide on days when my family's trip overlapped with his, and because on our way back, it was late and we had a lot of luggage, he helped us and bid us off, and that was when we were photographed, just the two of us.

Last time, during my first dating scandal, the reporter asked me about a situation where I was photographed with a phone camera, so I explained the above to them, so I can't understand why they used such a scandalous headline, making it seem as if we went on a trip just the two of us.
Also, I have made known my inner thoughts about leaving the group to my label since a while back. Even last year, they asked me to think it through again while resting for a long time, so I did that. In the end, after asking my label CEO's permission, I finally wrote my SNS post. Before I uploaded it, I shared the contents with my label, and erased content that the label did not want to go up on the post. 

My stance on my departure is the same as my SNS post from yesterday, and I hope that the controversies that have come up after my departing SNS post will not affect the [AOA] members negatively. I apologize once again for delivering bad news to you all and worrying you this morning."

많은 관심을 주실수록 여러 구설에 오를수있다는것은 알고있었지만 저는 임신도 하지않았고 낙태도 하지않았고 결혼을 하기위해 탈퇴하는것도 아닙니다. 연애하며 활동하시는 분들이 많고 연애하고 싶으면 밝히고 활동을 하면되는건데 왜 저의 탈퇴가 열애설이 연관지어지는지 모르겠습니다. 제가 친구도 많지 않은편이라 근래에 상대가 저에게 많은 힘이 되준건 사실입니다 앞으로 더 좋은 관계로 발전하게되면 연애하는 것은 잘못된 일이 아니니 얼마든지 솔직하게 말씀드리고 예쁜 만남을 갖겠습니다 정말 오랜시간 고민끝에 내린 탈퇴라는 힘든 결정인데 다른 문제가 연관지어지지 않았으면 합니다. 그간 계속해서 사진을 올리겠다고 해오셔서 정신적으로 많은 압박을 받아왔는데 오히려 이제 속이 시원하네요. 사진과 함께 올라온 오늘 기사에 저도 사진을 첨부하며 설명드리고 싶습니다. 마치 단둘이간 커플 여행인것처럼 기사가났지만 언니, 동생과 자매끼리 처음 가본 해외여행이었습니다. 중학교 1학년인 제 친동생이 그림 그리는것을 좋아하고 애니메이션을 좋아해 장래에 조금이나마 도움이 됬으면 하는 맘에 여행지를 일본으로 정하였습니다 어설프게 일본어를 할수있는 것도 저 뿐이고 가족들이 일본에 방문하는것이 처음이여서 제가 모든것을 담당해야 했었는데 스케줄을 제외하고 가본적이 없는 제가 일본어로 예약하고 여행지를 알아보는것은 너무 어려웠고 3년전부터 친하게지낸 지인에게 이것저것 묻게 됬었습니다. 지인이 일정이 겹치는날에는 가이드도 해주었고 돌아오는 길에는 시간도 늦고 짐도 많아 같은차로 배웅도 해주었던건데 그때 둘만있는 사진이 찍힌것 같습니다. 전에 첫번째 열애설기사가 났을때 기자님께서 전화로 사진이 찍히게된 경위에 대해 저에게 물으셔서 위 내용대로 설명드렸는데 '열애설전부터뜨거웠다'라는 자극적인 헤드라인으로 마치 단둘이간 여행처럼 오해를 살수있게 기사를 쓰신것은 좀 이해할수 없습니다. 또, 저는 탈퇴에 대한 고민과 논의를 오래전부터 회사에게 털어놓았었습니다 이년전에도 쉬면서 깊게 생각 해보라고 하셔서 길게 쉬기보기도 해봤었어요. 결국에 어제 대표님의 동의를 구하고 SNS을 작성했습니다. 올리기전 회사와 내용도 공유했고 제가 쓴글에 원치않으시는 내용은 삭제하라고하셔 의견을 반영하여 게시하였습니다. 탈퇴결정에 관련한 제 심경은 어제 SNS로 말씀 드렸고 제 탈퇴 SNS이후 또다시 불거진 논란에 멤버들이 피해 입지 않았으면 합니다. 많은분들께 좋지않은 소식과함께 아침부터 또한번 심려 끼쳐드려 죄송합니다.

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