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[Drama Review] 'Goblin' - Episode 6

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, December 20, 2016   31,347   4,644   8



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The 'Goblin' built up a lot of suspense and entertainment with episode 6 as it picked up the pace regarding Kim Shin's (Gong Yoo) final decision regarding his sword. However, the drama's plot is suffering (in my humble opinion) as it is starting to dwindle down into a more tamed atmosphere. The drama escapes from the action-packed, supernatural theme and evolves into a melancholic, slice-of-life storyline that involves other worldly happenings every so often.

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Looking back on previous episodes, 'Goblin' sort of changed from a big display of graphics, magic, and ghoulish events to something bland.  It isn't to say it is less exciting, but the dialogue this time around made it hard for me to stay awake since it was quite repetitive and involved lots of flashbacks. In comparison to the ship sinking or Kim Shin slicing a car in half after Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun)'s kidnapping, I'd easily say the drama lost some edge as it revolves around Ji Eun Tak teaching Kim Shin how to let go of misery and learn to openly love again.

Even though there wasn't as much action, I am still won ever by the cast's use of its entertaining powers as well as the alternate look into the afterlife. Yet again, death is addressed in more unique ways in episode 6. This week's lesson? All dogs go to heaven and there is an afterlife - even for ghosts! The scene where the blind man is reunited with his deceased guide dog Happy had me in tears, especially when the Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) stated, "He felt bad leaving you first and has been waiting here for a long time." Kill my heart, now!

I also couldn't help but feel touched again when viewers realized that the young girl from the previous episode, who lived in the hostel alone, has been set free from her deep sorrows due to Ji Eun Tak's actions. 

As Ji Eun Tak and the fellow ghosts gaze up into the sky, a shooting star passes by which confirms she (the ghost) was able to pass on into the afterlife. This only seems a bit worrisome to Ji Eun Tak and viewers because she knows that the other ghosts, who have ultimately become her good friends, will soon leave her side, as well.

In regards to relationships, Sunny (Yoo In Na) and the Grim Reaper, who now refers to himself as Kim Woo Bin, are getting funnier and funnier! The Grim Reaper is still shy and clearly wants to impress Sunny. However, due to being dead and having a not-so-normal job, it seems his romance with her will involve some interesting changes on her part.

I still wonder if Grim Reapers are allowed to date - let alone with humans? The mystery of their relationship draws up curiosity - but I still need answers. Just like before, I am hoping for more to come out from their relationship, despite it being all constant moments of humor and awkwardness.

But we all know the real mystery lies with the woman in red. We know children can see through her facade and recognize she is an old lady, but what exactly are her intentions and why is she fiddling around with death? Discovering her identity is my sole purpose to continue watching so far. 

Why isn't this bold look a K-Pop group concept yet?

Kim Shin is still as fickle as ever. He really plays with Ji Eun Tak's emotions as he can be seen drinking and regretfully regarding his past arguments with Ji Eun Tak one moment then standing in front of her, crying and petting her hair the next. He definitely lives up to his sugar daddy status since he purchases her an assortment of luxury gifts and ensures her safety and financial stability as he prepares to die.

Ji Eun Tak seems to become a little more irritating as she showcases irrational behavior to match with Kim Shin's, too. While not as aggressive, her constant whining and odd way of communicating make me wonder if she simply wants attention, good or bad, from the Goblin. The only thing I dislike about her character, and overall acting, are the forced giggles.

It isn't very natural and seems like she wants to appear cuter than she actually is. Kim Go Eun has a solid amount of aegyo up her sleeve that her character could live without the extra boosts from time to time.

I have mixed feelings regarding Kim Shin's acceptance with death and ending his immortality. Yet again, the score and review will remain sadly stagnant - but with reason! The drama only escalated towards the ending by suddenly suggesting he would remove the sword and Ji Eun Tak could have a future without him.

To me, the fact that he wants to end his life so quickly is also a letdown because, despite the fact K-Dramas always change things up towards the end, I feel that there is an obvious and inevitable ending now.

Has anyone else ever stared at someone while kissing? No? OK.

In the end Ji Eun Tak attempts to pull out the sword, only to find out she suddenly couldn't do it. Not because she did not want to, but because she literally could not physically touch the sword and pull it out, which has me wondering if that jade ring Sunny wears has something to do with it? Perhaps Sunny is the real Goblin's Bride after all or perhaps Ji Eun Tak must wear the ring in order to touch the sword? At least we got to see a little dose of unexpected romance in the end! Until next week, avoid ghosts and hope we find out what will become of Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin's relationship sooner than later!




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  2. Lee Dong Wook
  3. Gong Yoo
  4. Kim Go Eun

j_cruz Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Now that it has become obvious that Kim Go Eun's character is going to age up to 10 years over the next few episodes, it makes more sense that she was acting so childishly in the earlier episodes. The part she missed was that it made the romance between these two almost seem a little creepy- from an old man young girl- perspective.  One thing that I don't think worked 100%  was her acting naive. She has been seeing and talking to ghosts her whole life and seems completely unphased yet she is terrified of another high school student? Either you are smart or you are dumb, usually not both. Either you are brave or you a scaredy-cat- usually not both.  Has anyone in the world ever had someone put something in their hand like a cigarette and not felt it? There are a few too many bullies in her life that keep showing up just to remind us that she had a hard life. Those seem forced and come out of nowhere.

sorahime j_cruz Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Seeing kim go eun act in several movies so far, I do not think she missed that it would be creepy. Perhaps she did it on purpose to make the viewer uncomfortable.

Yeeuncha Wednesday, December 21, 2016

As always, love your recap. I would just change the score for Plot and Performance. Performance here is much more better then plot and actors' acting are driving force to continue watching....and Grim Reaper, Sunny and Lady in Red characters and backstory

laeiya88 Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Who ever is writing this review is too imature for human physiological nature.. Kim Go Eun  is playing a 19 year old .who can see ghosts, where she gets constant requests to be fulfilled. Her mom died when she was 9 grew up with abussive aunt & cousins. But still she is trying to stay positive & cheerful so you can see why she can be emotionally imbalance sometimes

KimbapJams Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Omg... this is what annoys me Ji Eun Tak and Kim Go Eun are separate people. I think the trying-to-get-attention-aegyo is Eun Tak's personality because she doesn't have many memories of a person loving her. In my opinion Kim Go Eun's doing a good job interpreting her character

laeiya88 KimbapJams Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Totally agree the person doing this review has totally lost the main important thing that Kim Go eun is playing a 19 year old woth many problems surrounding her

melon Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I think the ring is important. They show the girl wearing it in the past. It's actually in the house with Kim shin but he never saw it cos reaper had it. I was wondering why reaper is dating human aswell. I don't understand why he would. Also it's pretty much confirmed Ji Eun tak is goblins bride then I really wonder why she can't draw the sword

btslifer Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dude has more lipstick than her!

The End



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