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[MV & Album Review] Black Pink - 'Square Two'

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, November 7, 2016   58,081   14,053   21



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The talk of the town and K-pop's latest sensation, Black Pink, are slaying the charts and our hearts with their latest releases "Playing With Fire" and "Stay."

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Releasing the tracks on Halloween (Oct. 31st), Black Pink instantly dominated the music scene and everyone's playlist like magic. Carrying over that familiar yet new style that can be seen in their previous songs, the four talented ladies show us a little more of their skills and musical identities through two powerful tracks on their album 'Square Two.'

"Playing With Fire" opens up with a rough piano beat that breaks into a nice EDM instrumental, accompanied by strong vocals as well. Similar to their debut tracks, Black Pink imitate 2NE1's classic style with their own new sound. It is like almost listening to Park Bom and CL themselves during the first minute of this dance track. Take a listen for yourself in the MV below! 

The song gets better and better as the EDM beat flows effortlessly and transitions from a lot to a little bit of noise from time to time. These transitions really help Jennie and Lisa's rapping stand out even more.

While the song panders to the broken-hearted youth of today, it doesn't stand out lyrically. 

It is another fun song with a great take on love coming with a warning label, but it isn't a far cry from songs like CLC's "No Oh No" or even Chocolat's "Like It" lyrically. Things like being told to "Be careful around men" and "Remember what my mom told me" aren't anything innovative or new.

Aside from that, the MV for "Playing With Fire" is total eye candy. Despite the MV having a semi-filtered effect the whole time, the vivid colors, rising flames and unique set locations are aesthetically pleasing. The beauty about this MV is its ability to showcase the girls' looks, unique fashion sense and killer dance moves without being overdone. The dance for "Playing With Fire" is a great blend of sexy and fun, with smooth movements and well-paced steps that catch viewers' interest the moment the refrain kicks in.

But 'Square Two' isn't as loud and in-your-face as their debut album. It takes a step back and treats fans, old and new, to another side we haven't seen much of yet from Black Pink. The girls get sensitive and in touch with their romantic feelings through their second track "Stay."

"Stay" is a gentle, carefree, indie-influenced pop ballad. It rocks a mid-tempo beat backed by a strong guitar instrumental, playfully uplifting clapping, and light traces of elegant violins here and there. The catchy "La La La La La" hook paired with the harmonica, that can also be heard in the beginning, makes "Stay" easy on the ears and delightful. This song has catchy lyrics rather than a catchier tune that you can listen to in the MV below! 

Lyrically, "Stay" takes the cake and eats it too. The melancholic lyrics paired with a cheery beat is an excellent contrast and actually helps the song's vibe become more empowering rather than being your next sulking-in-the-corner track. The chorus is by far the best aspect with lyrics such as, "Don't ask why it has to be you, don't ask. Just don't ask and stay with me." Who would question Black Pink's plea anyway?

What is most enjoyable is Black Pink's ability to create real dance tracks and bangers one moment and suddenly release tracks as great as "Stay" the next. It showcases the group's flexibility both vocally and visually. While "Stay" does create its own wonderful atmosphere and contains unique mixes of intense rapping and rich vocals, the song sadly isn't as addicting as their rowdier tracks.

As far as the MV for "Stay" goes, it is artistic in its own right but nothing to go crazy over. Maintaining Instagram's famous "amaro" filter throughout the whole MV, "Stay" portrays the girls running around through a desolate town that lacks little life and color. 

Despite the depressing state of the town, just like life itself, there is a silver lining of symbolism throughout the MV. You can find cute or motivational words such as "It's A Good Day" and "Look What Happens, We Are In Love."

The girls seem rather expressionless and still at one point but as the song evolves into a more whimsical sound, the girls do the same. With bright smiles and carefree attitudes they frolic throughout the town and oddly enough you can't resist smiling with them!

Overall, 'Square Two' marries together pop music with two influences; EDM and indie. It is relieving to stray away from today's trap-obsessive tracks and to see the girls of Black Pink expose more of their talent rather than pandering to the audiences.

Both songs consist of their own distinct charms that make the mini album a worthy download for people who enjoy various genres. The songs are fluid, well composed and are definitely worth the listen. However, I would recommend "Playing With Fire" without hesitation if anyone asked me. Which song off of 'Square Two' became your newest ear worm?


(Averaged from the two MVs)
MV Relevance..........7
MV Production.........7.5
MV Concept.............7

Album Production....9
Album Concept.......7.5


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F00Kozmo Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A 10 tho ;)

Mai_Turn Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I really don't understand the ratings of allkpop ... for me it would be higher than 7,7 (10+ or something like that XD)! I wonder, which album would get a 10 of allkpop :P

kalniac Mai_Turn Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Any from Taeyeon or Tiffany

ziyueee Tuesday, November 8, 2016


chaloner (Banned) Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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ahgase88 Tuesday, November 8, 2016


nami_chan Monday, November 7, 2016

it's a 10

lizvip Monday, November 7, 2016

I think this SQUARE 2 is better than SQUARE 1 actually.

kaezaryn98 Monday, November 7, 2016

Bangtan_Baes Monday, November 7, 2016

i think what bugs me the most about this review is that while "Stay" by BP & "11:11" by Taeyeon are pretty similar in terms of the lyrics like " Na na na na" & "La la la la" and also similar in terms of the actual backing track and feel you get from the song, SOMEHOW Blackpink's "Stay" deserves a bunch of praise while "11:11" is discarded as something mediocre like I'm sorry but thats so lame lmfao. I love both tracks so I find this REALLY frustrating

SicaLicka Monday, November 7, 2016

cant have an opinion in will hate you thinking you are just trolling/hating but i always respect someones opinion.....even if i disagree.....thats why i troll because i HATE kpop fans.....the worst people on earth

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