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Joy and Seulong complain about their chemistry + Wendy calls to cheer them up

Seulong, Joy

Joy and Seulong showed off their cute/awkward chemistry during their V-Live stream�to promote "Always In My Heart" -- the latest 'SM Station' collaboration project.�

On the November 3 airing through 'V,' Joy and Seulong did a pre-show to reveal their new duet song together. While they tried to communicate with the viewers, the live comment section was momentarily overwhelmed with comments such as, "Joy, I love you," "You're cute, and�"Joy, you're too pretty."�

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During the show, Red Velvet member, Wendy, called in to cheer them up. Joy said, "Wendy says that she's a huge fan. Let's connect the phone call." Seulong expressed his excitement by sharing, "Just now, as I was coming into the SM building, I heard Wendy sing on the first floor. She was really good."�

Wendy said during the phone call, "I heard that you two worked really hard to film the music video. I watched Joy practice really hard. You guys will be successful," cheering them on. Seulong replied, "We will see you on the first floor. Fighting!"�

The two wrapped up their session by using funny filters and effects to take photos. Their favorite was the sunglasses and facial hair effect. While they were laughing at their own reflection, Seulong had to help them refocus, "The staff members are saying that we need to wrap up."

Joy and Seulong, both unable to stop laughing, tried to end the session with a comment about their new song. Joy said, "Everyone, 'Always In My Heart' will be released soon." Seulong replied, "So what?" making the laughter even worse. The two also joked about how they didn't have good chemistry on the show despite having fun together.�

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