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Park Bo Gum's religion is being questioned in the midst of Korean president scandal

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In the midst of the Korean president's ongoing scandal, actor Park Bo Gum's religious affiliation is also coming into question, causing a heated debate online. 

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The short of the current political scandal in Korea is that a women named Choi Soon Shil, a long time confidant of President Park, was revealed to have been controlling important government decisions without any official post. She is also being accused of amassing a large amount of wealth by abusing her close relationship with the president. 

One of the ways Choi was able to become a close friend of President Park was through Choi's father back when President Park was a daughter of a dictator. Park had just lost her mother to an assassination when she met Choi Tae Min, a known cult leader. Choi, who created his own breed of religion that combined Christianity, Buddhism, and Shamanism, claimed to have power to communicate with the dead, including President Park's late mother. He then introduced his daughter, Choi Soon Shil, claiming that she could also communicate with the dead spirits. The Choi's had such a big influence over young president Park that the dictator himself ordered them to be separated from Park. But the relationship continued, and Park's affiliation with Choi's cult continued into her presidency.

Ultimately, the current president became the first president to openly attend and support what most Koreans would consider cult-ish religious groups. She was seen in religious ceremonies that had shamans and mediums as leader. Some argued in the past that this was a problem, but many more defended the president's privacy and right to have any religion of her choice. 

However, the current scandal seems to have exposed that President Park allowed her private life -- religion -- to affect her public post of presidency by allegedly inviting Choi Soon Shil, a daughter of a cult leader and a cult supporter herself, into making important decisions for the Korean government. 

With the question of whether a person with great public influence should be able to be in a questionable religious group, some netizens have brought to light actor Park Bo Gum's religious affiliation. Park Bo Gum has been open about faith since debut, tweeting Bible verses and discussing the importance of his faith during interviews. 

The actor's church, 'Jesus Centered Church,' which Park Bo Gum himself testified he has been attending since his birth, has officially been named 'cult' by almost all Christian organizations in Korea due to its problems, including encouraging people with serious medical conditions to use exorcism for cures and abandon medical treatment altogether. They often perform exorcisms during services. 

Bo Gum himself explained in one interview that when he was little, he became gravely ill, only to be cured by the church. In the same interview that talks about his miraculous healing, he also shares that the pastor of his church, Lee Choi Suk, named him Bo Gum, meaning "treasure sword."

[interview above] 

[Park Bo Gum at a church retreat with pastor Lee Choi Suk; video was uploaded on the church's website]

[Park Bo Gum signing in the church choir] 

Perhaps most disturbingly, 'Jesus Centered Church' was involved in the mysterious death of a woman back in 2000 who was found dead with several broken bones and bruises at the conference led by the church's pastor, Lee Choi Suk; she allegedly attended the service to be cured of her illness. This case was never resolved.

Netizens have questioned the actor's religion in the past, but since it is his personal life, many have been supportive of Park Bo Gum and his choice of faith. However, in light of the president's scandal involving individuals who allegedly had spiritual influence over the her, some netizens are concerned that the famous and beloved actor's involvement in a cult could lead his young fans into the same religion. 

One netizen commented: 

"I knew Park Bo Gum believed in a cultish religion but I didn't know it was this bad..."

Another person stated: 

"The problem with celebrities is that they encourage the thought, 'there's nothing wrong with cults.'" 

Some supported the actor:

"A celebrity's religion doesn't matter at all as long as he is good at what he does. I don't care if he believes in flying spaghetti or whatever. However, it is important for a politician to not be influenced by her religion."

But another netizen argued: 

"Of course it matters. A person in the eyes of the public can spread his faith. He can influence young fans...It's okay if he doesn't talk about it, but he should not mention his cult faith to anyone." 

The video above shows one of the services from Park Bo Gum's church in question. 

Netizens continue to debate as the historical scandal in Korea's political scene continues to consume the nation. 

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nurikome Tuesday, November 1, 2016

People are funny. If people wants to join the same religion as Park Bo Gum, then they should be responsible for their actions. This article is so rubbish, what do they think of Park Bo Gum? Some god or something? And what's with the discrimination about? Whatever religion a person is into, is it considered a cult for the others? Then if a Christian says Muslim religion is a cult, then is it a cult? I really don't get commentators. Please choose the right words if you really respect everyone's religion. Please don't just say it for merely a lip service.

PBG Monday, October 31, 2016

I don't care what's PBG religion is. That is his choice. Besides if that religion he belongs to is a cult, and their member is like him, well mannered, can't cursed, grateful and decent, then that means they are better than those member of other religions. As long as he doesnt preach or forces his fans and make a big deal about his religion, who cares. I think they just connected his name to this article because he is so famous now.

bestfriend3298 Sunday, October 30, 2016

....What has Park Bo Gum done wrong though guys? Tell me...has he hurt anyone because of his belief? Has he said anything wrong to deserve this hate? Without looking at his religion and belief, look at who he is first then judge!

pink_oracle bestfriend3298 Sunday, October 30, 2016

If he wants to follow a cult he's the only one he's putting in danger. He's totally being scapegoated, the Park administration is trying to shift the scandal onto him. Just like she sold Park Bom's career when she was criticized over the Sewol tragedy. The sooner the Korean people toss her ass out the door the better.

SuperFly_Snuka Sunday, October 30, 2016

Seems like some Jehovah's witnesses

bibi87 SuperFly_Snuka Monday, October 31, 2016

i think it's worst than jehova :/

hanalala707 Sunday, October 30, 2016

Maybe he is on mission to make her fans join his cult with her sudden popularity. People need to be careful to people like this. Cult usually brainwashed their believer. It is beyond scary

ScarletM Sunday, October 30, 2016

Seriously, it doesnt matter which church he goes or what religion he is in. WHAT MATTERS is how he uses it in his life, whether he spreading the 'Cult' believes and sayings and do bad things or good things. Like one of the comment said, it doesnt matter if he believes in flying squirrel and they are gods. WHAT MATTERS is what he do whether its gd or bad, including what he is spreading. Everyone have their own mind to THINK and DO what they want.

meltingpot ScarletM Sunday, October 30, 2016

flying spaghetti you mean, well i agree with you on this. though religion is a very sensitive issue, what he believe in is his own personal choice unless his choice of faith were deemed illegal. just because you like the actor so much does not mean you are gullible enough to change religion cause of them.

bibi87 Saturday, October 29, 2016

Well, all I can say is if a religion asks you to promote them or pay money to them, then it's not a true religion. Only cultish ones ask these things. That's why also they need popular and famous people to bring more folks into their "religion". It's all about money (mainly for the founder of the cult) and deception, hanky-panky. I can only pity people who are unwise and blind enough to join them.

Naryu Saturday, October 29, 2016

I believe that exorcism thingy with Park Bogum's church is a complete misunderstanding. I myself attended charismatic community and our belief is that our spiritual leaders are God's instruments to miraculously cure people who are beyond medical treatments. I think that's just the same as Park Bogum's church does. We raise our hands and voices and in other's point of view it may look like exorcism or something but it is NOT. It's called praying over. Just because that's our way of expressing our faith doesn't make us a part of a cult. It's waaayyy different.

intricate Saturday, October 29, 2016

omg people.... xD i think it's amazing they were able to drag PBG into this at all... but seriously.... do people really expect that the foundation of one's ethics have no influence over their profession? Especially when that job involves turning ethics into actual laws and maintaining existing ones according to those same ethics? Did the president ever do anything that was against the law but in line with her religiously based ethics? Did PBG do that for that matter? People are so jumpy at the thought of religiously motivated ethics being a part of a legislator's conduct, but at the same time they don't even realize that the divide between church and state doesn't even exist. If anything, most of any country's laws are religiously motivated. Just because a person's set of morals can be categorized under a certain label doesn't mean their morals are unfit for what they do.... really... come on people...

RiceIsDelicious Saturday, October 29, 2016

Do these people not read the Bible or something?  If you're Christian and actually go to church, you can realize that Park BoGum's religion(Christianity) is NOT a cult. Jesus cured people using his Holy Name, and it clearly states in the Bible that his disciples could do that also. The Bible states that anyone who truly believes in the Name of Jesus can do this. So, basically these people are saying that Jesus and his disciples were a CULT! Nope, doesn't work that way, fellas.

Unicornsarereal RiceIsDelicious Sunday, October 30, 2016

However, even other churches in Korea also think that the church is a cult. If you search up 예수중심교회, it would have results with the word 이단. 이단 means heresy, sect, or cult and in the Korean wikipedia, namuwiki, it says 귀신론과 물신주의적 성향으로 인해 기성 기독교계에서 이단으로 판정받았다. The translation states that because of "Gwishinron" (a practice that I can't translate but it heavily discouraged) and fetishism, the Christian community (In korea) ruled them as a cult/heresy.

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