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[Drama Review] 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' - Episode 15

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, October 12, 2016   36,622   7,697   8



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Queen Sinmyeongsunseong just loves what you've done with the place

We finally see Hae Soo being more proactive. I've written before about how she was kind of pulled along by events, even when she was appointed by the king as his adviser. Even as the head of the Damiwon, she just seemed distant and not really involved. But here she finally takes a stand and doesn't let her friends be indiscriminately slaughtered by King Yo's paranoid prince purge. Again, she's a modern woman, and it's refreshing when she acts like it.

Soon Deok and Eun have got to be the cutest characters in the series, and they were given rather larger roles here. I've always been a fan of Baekhyun's portrayal of the young Prince, and finally, he and Z.HERA get something meaty and meaningful. They at last relate to each other as a couple, and his playful side comes out. This series consistently dials back the romance, so I was hoping those two could make it work. Ironically, that may be their last performance before being cut down.

Now repeat the sacred words after me, Wook: "oh wha t'jer kiam..."

Which brings us to my annoyance: there is one scene in the trailer left on the cutting room floor, at least in my version. About 28 seconds in, we get a glimpse of what might have happened to Eun and Soon Deok. It's tragic, but it seems an essential part of the story, and we're left to wonder what happened. Did they both escape? Maybe one or the other? We don't know. That vexed me. I'd not only like to know, but I'm pretty sure the guards would have gotten a run for their money where Soon Deok is concerned.

I'm trying to figure out what Woo Hee's role is. I know there's a romance going on between her and Baek Ah -- at least I'm pretty sure, given the weird sidestepping this drama does when it comes to love affairs, but I can't figure out where she fits. In Goryeo, I would think a would-be assassin would be put to death, but she's just sent back to the gyobang. She seems more an excuse to put another idol in the show than anything. I'm hoping the deal she made with King Yo gives her more relevance.

"I'll win this round of hide and go seek! They'll never find me here!"

I liked the use of flashbacks in this episode. They seem to do that pretty well, probably because there are no children in the cast. Seeing kids is a signal that character development is going to take place. The characters Mini-So, Mini-Choi, and Mini-Soon Deok are cute, and you get more of an idea of their hopes and dreams and where they came from. We finally find out why Astronomer Choi grieved so heavily at Moo's death -- they grew up together as friends.

This show seems to get more exasperating as time goes on, and this episode ended up as a shadow of what it could have been, and that's a shame. It's not terrible, in fact, it's fun to watch, but as I've pointed out there's tons of little pet peeves that really stop the episode from being epic. I don't know, maybe I think too much, but my enjoyment is impacted by all these little things that hit me while I watch, anything that breaks immersion is a bad thing. Until next time!




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nami_chan Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I hate the princess, she is so mean and so obssesed with So.Anyway, I think the 10th prince is going to die with his wife and So is going to kill them like hae Soo saw in her visions =(, it's a shame 'cause their love is so pure and they are so innocent. I wouldn't be surprised if So marry with the greedy princess. Well, I can't wait for the next episode *:*, the drama is getting better.

ROXX25 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Omg this drama is getting more interesting and intense , I love this drama but this epidode was so sad . I can to say that Yo and Wook are really evil , and Yeonhwa this girl scares me, she treason his brother without remorse.   I hope that Eun and his wife can to survive

nami_chan ROXX25 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

ikr,the princess is a snake too, worst than her brother xD

Kjustice Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Here, I give you some example a comment from professional recap-er for Episode 15 "Huzzah, Su did something! It’s amazing what a difference a little proactivity makes, since I suddenly found myself invested in her story this episode. And all it took was for her to have things she wanted to accomplish! How hard was that? But in all seriousness, it really did feel like she was wandering around without goals or anything she necessarily wanted, which made it intensely difficult for me to get on board with pretty much anything she was doing. And on a much larger scale, I still don’t know what she wants out of her time here in Goryeo, and found it somewhat confusing that she suddenly reverted back to fearing So based on her still unexplained premonition. And then she reverted back to not fearing him based on other people’s advice, which was a bit disappointing—I would’ve liked for her own feelings about So to dictate how she felt about him, rather than other people having to remind her that she should trust him based off her feelings. On a smaller episodic scale though, I was just happy that I could finally follow her, though I’m wary of trusting the show to keep delivering on the Su front after they let us down following that epic Court Lady Oh episode. Still, we’re at that stage in the game where we have to take what we can get, so I’ll take Su finally thinking for herself and even (gasp) defending herself. Against a king, no less! And I could completely buy that she’d do whatever she could to save Eun because he was her first friend in Goryeo, so giving her that common goal with both Eun and Jung went such a long way toward making her more relatable to us. Even without Su’s premonition, dramas have taught us that hope is bad, and too much of it will kill you. So when we started spending a disproportionate amount of time with Eun and Soon-deok while they planned their escape, we pretty much knew that they were doomed. The show only cemented that fact by suddenly giving tons of screen time to the couple, which for once, was actually bearable. Most of that credit belongs to Soon-deok, who’s simply way too good for Eun—and the tragedy is that he didn’t realize what a saint of a wife he had until it was too late. And though Jung’s been pretty low on the princely totem pole up until now, his role’s been increasing these past few weeks, and I actually like where we’ve ended up with him. His one-sided crush on Su is likely going to bite him and us in the behind later, but the show was smart to use its one remaining and uncommitted prince (Baek-ah’s sort of been decommissioned with whatever it is Woo-hee’s still around for) to help move the plot along. Even though everyone’s pretty much had a crush on Su by now, I really felt for Jung and his innocent, pure love for our heroine in ways that I never felt for Eun when he was in the throes of his one-sided love. Maybe it’s easier because we know what’ll happen to Eun even if I’m dreading whatever Su-related reasons the show might cook up to justify it, but not knowing what’ll happen to Jung is much more frightening. At least Yo is making for a more entertaining king than his predecessor, though I couldn’t be more disinterested with the political machinations in this show. It feels like they’re checking the boxes for the basic requirements needed to make a fight for the throne seem appealing, but the story’s been so erratic when it comes to the succession of kings that it’s hard to really drum up interest when everyone on the throne or hovering directly around it is terrible. Yes, that means you too, Wook."

karebearsays Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Screw ratings! This drama deserve more views than theyre getting, it is really a great awesome, suspenseful drama!...too bad theyre probably gonna kill my poor baby, Baekhyun and his wife.

2fat Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thanks Eric for attempting to give a more thoughtful review this time. This episode is so much better than the last. Seems we will have to endure this until the end that every other episode is better constructed. I have no idea why. Since I've followed this drama from the beginning I disagree about the opinion that Soo's character is inconsistent. I find her very consistent. She never actively gets involved until someone she cares about is threatened. She figured out fairly quickly that the best way to avoid trouble is to literally keep your head down. She's never proactive. She's always reactive. She's not inconsistent at all. Since this drama has been so full of plot holes and the editing is laughable I've focused more on the performances because it's been just stuffed full of wonderful moments. Lee Jun ki wasn't present much in this week's episodes but we're already addicted to watching him as So. He really deserves some award like accolades for this drama. So does Kang Ha neul. Currently my #1 Second Lead Crush! He beat out a lot of good looking talented men on that list believe me. I can't think of too many people that could have pulled off the 8th Prince with so much range of emotion. This week we get to love him again just a little bit because he tells us what we wanted to know. That he's heartbroken to do the what he's doing but he really believes there is no other way. This episode was good because the cast did a great job in each of their individual scenes.

chichuu Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I swear this is something I don't understand. when you watch a historical drama, where you know nothing historically and the drama doesn't give you enough information about it, don't you usually research to know the history better? I do and while I understand why some of the viewers are not understanding Woo Hee's role in the drama, because let's be honest they are terrible at keeping consistent characters' stories in this drama (but what should we do when it is a drama with only 20 eps, unlike the original), but I made my research and I understood why she is there. I wouldn't know if the writer of this is biases or not, what wouldn't surprise me, but it's obvious why she wasn't sentenced to death. Why would she, when she wasn't even caught? In the royalty, Wang Yo and Baek Ah are the only ones who know this. Baek Ah is in love with her, clearly. Wang Yo has nothing to gain with killing her. Is she someone he can't trust? Yes! But Woo Hee's hatred was more toward his father than toward him. She has other goals now and she needs Wang Yo for them, but in some way he also needs her because it's better to keep your enemies closer to you and he knows that she can be valuable to him. So why would she be killed yet? People love to complain, but some of them don't even do their research. Believe me, Korean history is interesting. Just give it a try.

Wang_Sejung Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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The End



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