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Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the First Half of 2016

By GhostWriter   Saturday, July 16, 2016   95,403   9,271   186



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The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the first half of 2016 (January - June) below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking FIRST HALF OF 2016

RankArtist & TitleAgency & Distributor
1G-Friend - RoughSource Music / Loen
2Davichi - This Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)OU Ent / Music&New
3MC The Max - No Matter WhereMusic&New
4Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun OST)OU Ent / Music&New
5Zico - I Am You, You Are MeSeven Seasons / CJ E&M
6Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun OST)
OU Ent / Music&New
7MAMAMOO - You're The BestRBW / CJ E&M
8TWICE - Cheer UpJYP / Kt music
9Suzy & Baekhyun - DreamMystic Ent / Loen
10K.Will - Talk Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)OU Ent / Music&New
11Chen & Punch - Everytime (Descendants of the Sun OST)SM / OU Ent / Music&New
12Lee Juk - Don't Worry (Reply 1988 OST)CJ E&M / Kong Ent
13Crush ft. Taeyeon - Don't ForgetAmoeba Culture / Loen
14TWICE - Like Ooh AhhJYP / Kt music
1510cm - What The Spring??Magic Strawberry Sound / Poclanos
16Taeyeon - Rain
SM / Kt music
17Eunji ft. Harim - DreamPlan A / Loen
18Mad Clown, Kim Na Young - Love Again (Descendants of the Sun OST)OU Ent / Music&New
19Gary ft. Gaeko - Lonely NightLeessang / Loen
20G-Friend - Me gustas tuSource Music / Loen

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking FIRST HALF OF 2016

RankArtist & AlbumAlbum SalesDistributor
1EXO - EX'ACT (Korean Ver.)524,823Kt music
2BTS - Young Forever319,327Loen
3EXO - EX'ACT (Chinese Ver.)242,342Kt music
4Seventeen - Love&Letter192,030Loen
5GOT7 - Flight Log: Departure157,496Kt music
6TWICE - Page Two136,904Kt music
7Taemin - Press It114,017Kt music
8VIXX - Zelos108,987CJ E&M
9Taeyeon - Why103,784Kt music
10Jaejoong - NO.X85,420Loen
11Woohyun - Write..83,427Loen
12MONSTA X - THE CLAN pt. 1 'LOST'81,665Loen
13BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 280,341 (Total sales: 354,566)Loen
14TEEN TOP - Red Point79,222Loen
15Jessica - With Love, J76,252Windmill Media
16WINNER - EXIT : E75,687Kt music
17BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,  Pt. 174,214 (Total sales: 277,878)Loen
18Yoochun - How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet67,430Loen
19UP10TION - SPOTLIGHT65,107Loen
20IOI - Chrysalis64,250Loen

Online Downloads For The FIRST HALF OF 2016

RankArtist & TitleDownload CountLabel & Distributor
1G-Friend - Rough1,453,331Source music / Loen
2Davichi - This Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)1,259,612OU Ent / Music&New
3Zico - I Am You, You Are Me1,213,155Seven Seasons / CJ E&M
4Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun OST)1,196,305OU Ent / Music&New
5Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun OST)1,176,469OU Ent / Music&New
6Suzy & Baekhyun - Dream

Mystic Ent / Loen

7MC The Max - No Matter Where1,124,289Music&New
8Crush ft. Taeyeon - Don't Forget1,102,001Amoeba Culture / Loen
9MAMAMOO - You're The Best1,097,646RBW / CJ E&M
10K.Will - Talk Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)1,055,321OU Ent / Music&New
11Chen & Punch - Everytime (Descendants of the Sun OST)1,050,421SM / OU Ent / Music&New
12TWICE - Cheer Up1,020,988JYP / Kt music
13Taeyeon - Rain996,007SM / Kt music
1410cm - What The Spring??965,476Magic Strawberry Sound / Poclanos
15Lee Juk - Don't Worry (Reply 1988 OST)950,914CJ E&M / Kong Ent

JYP / Kt music

17Gary ft. Gaeko - Lonely Night883,691Leessang / Loen
18Mad Clown, Kim Na Young - Love Again (Descendants of the Sun OST)871,372OU Ent / Music&New
19Eunji ft. Harim - Dream869,437Plan A / Loen
20Lee Hi - Breathe855,608YG / Kt music

Online Streams For The FIRST HALF OF 2016

Crush ft. Taeyeon - Don't Forget

RankArtist & TitleStreaming CountLabel & Distributor
1G-Friend - Rough74,884,475Source music / Loen
2MC The Max - No Matter Where68,275,491Music&New
3Davichi - This Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)65,413,985OU Ent / Music&New
4Zico - I Am You, You Are Me62,965,113Seven Seasons / CJ E&M
5Gummy - You Are My Everything (Descendants of the Sun OST)57,586,217OU Ent / Music&New
6TWICE - Like OOH AHH56,586,379JYP / Kt music
7Lee Juk - Don't Worry (Reply 1988 OST)55,574,058CJ E&M / Kong Ent
8Yoon Mi Rae - Always (Descendants of the Sun OST)53,088,840OU Ent / Music&New
9Suzy & Baekhyun - Dream52,632,475Mystic Ent / Loen
10MAMAMOO - You're The Best52,576,851RBW / CJ E&M
11TWICE - Cheer Up52,073,726JYP / Kt music
12Crush ft. Taeyeon51,746,499Amoeba Culture / Loen
13Chen & Punch - Everytime (Descendants of the Sun OST)48,789,840SM Ent / OU Ent / Music&New
1410cm - What The Spring??47,476,369Magic Strawberry Sound / Poclanos
15G-Friend - Me gustas tu47,336,001Source Music / Kt music
16K.Will - Talk Love (Descendants of the Sun OST)47,315,895OU Ent / Music&New
17Zico ft. Babylon - Boys And Girls46,972,085Seven Seasons / CJ E&M
18Oh Hyuk - A Little Girl46,087,725CJ E&M / Kong Ent
19Lim Chang Jung - Love Again44,784,359NH EMG / CJ E&M
20Taeyeon - Rain44,278,112SM / Kt music
  1. Zico
  2. Davichi
  3. EXO
  4. Baekhyun
  5. Chen
  6. Woohyun
  7. Jaejoong
  8. Yoochun
  9. Suzy
  10. Taemin
  11. Taeyeon
  12. Jessica
  13. TEEN TOP
  14. VIXX
  15. Lee Hi
  16. Seventeen
  17. K.Will
  18. Yoon Mi Rae
  19. Kim Na Young
  20. (Bangtan Boys) BTS
  21. 10cm
  22. Gummy
  23. Mad Clown
  24. Lim Chang Jung
  25. Lee Juk
  26. WINNER
  27. GOT7
  29. G-Friend (Girlfriend)
  30. MONSTA X
  31. TWICE
  32. Oh Hyuk
  33. gaon

kalniac Thursday, July 21, 2016

No Tiffany? Oh poor girl, that's what happens when SM push you to compete with people you can't beat!

BlackjackBuddy Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gora lang jud ta aneng GFriend besh.. #PatayTanan

kacichan Monday, July 18, 2016

Congrats to GFriend, Twice and Mamamoo for doing incredibly well overall. Congrats to all who snached a song for DOTS :D. Congrats to SM and JYP for doing so so well this year. Congrats to my boys EXO and to Taemin and Taeyeon doing great with their solos. Congrats to Jessica for making a good album with perfect title song. Congrats to all the smaller companies for doing new stuff and trying hard and producing good music. I love the first half of the year and can't wait for the second. (Hyuna, EXO, OMG, Bestie? Just give me some Bestie :D)

nattyluvsallkpop Monday, July 18, 2016

So from my understanding other than the album chart the rest  of the charts are only based on one single from the CD so like g freind sales are only based on the song rough and not the rest of the albums songs?? If that's the case i rather my fave artist be on the album chart because i feel that those artist are more so the artist that people actually care about their music and not just the title song that's catchy everyone knows that the real music in kpop come from the album not the title tracks. js

minomoreno97 nattyluvsallkpop Monday, July 18, 2016

The album chart is physical album. while the other are digital, the song. digital chart indicates how much the song is love by public, meanwhile physical album chart indicates how many fans a group have. at least, this is what happens in kpop. physical album have nothing to do with their music actually, bcs no matter how good or bad the songs are, fans will still buy it. Meanwhile with digital chart, it's all abt the song. If public love it, it will get high ranking, no matter how big or small the fandom is. The conclusion is if you want to know which songs are loved by public, then look at the digital chart ranking, and if you want to know which groups that have big fandom, then look at the physical album chart.

BlackjackBuddy nattyluvsallkpop Tuesday, July 19, 2016


mine_u Sunday, July 17, 2016

wow twice

Ballerz_30 Sunday, July 17, 2016

The most sales does not translate they are the best idols. That just mean they have the biggest fandom.

Gizem Sunday, July 17, 2016


gentong Sunday, July 17, 2016

WOW TWICE the only girlgroup occupy all category

gentong Sunday, July 17, 2016

add a lot of ads, a lot guest of show, a lot souvenir. JYP should launch another girl group (7 line and 4 line), there are a lot of their trainee wanna be debuted, make special team for each groups with different concept

frrste7 Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm so proud of teen top!!!!

jhubica Sunday, July 17, 2016

AUNQUE junio JI no este encabezando, espero que  tenga mas oportunidades para adelante JUNG EUN JI :)

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