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BTS fan uploads lengthy, apologetic letters to various fandoms on behalf of all the ARMYs

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In light of all the controversies surrounding BTS, one ARMY in particular stepped forward to write a sincere, lengthy apology to all the fandoms that might have been hurt by all the mean things that were said. This has spread on various online communities recently.

You can take a look at the apologies below. 

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"1. To SHINee

Hello, this is BTS's fan club, ARMY.

Before I start, the person writing this right now will represent all ARMYs in relaying this letter of apology to those of SHINee World.  

Not too long ago, many different sites, including Nate Pann, kept posting content stating that BTS plagiarized SHINee. There were a couple thousands of comments posted onto Pann, showing how much impact it had.  Among those, our fandom left strong criticism, cursing out your family, making personal offenses, and other speech for which I apologize firstly in this writing. 

I acknowledge that our fandom's first course of action was poor and thoughtless.  While verbal warfare was raging on, we were spitting out a lot of things like provocative words to one another, and through our bias, there was no distinguishing what was wrong and what aspects we had to acknowledge and apologize for.  We now concede to everything that we've done wrong, and we apologize.

The apology we promised was given later than we thought for which we also apologize.  It took a lot of time because we had been unable to mediate on our opinions within the fandom.  We relay our apologizes to all of those in SHINee World who had been waiting for this post.

We apologize for everything: putting down the words of the Shawols no matter what by stating that it was a common concept; greatly ridiculing or criticizing SHINee and SHINee World; and circulating unconfirmed truths.  We also apologize for our inability to act with discernment from the position of fans who like, hold dear, and love somebody.

We mentioned things from the past while speaking rudely, and we are very embarrassed of and want to apologize for overreacting.  I'm yet unsure as to how this writing will be taken by SHINee World, but I wrote this letter of apology because I want to relay a desire to apologize somehow.  We will try not to disappoint you again in the future.  I apologize once again.

Posted by the entire BTS fan club, ARMY.

2. To B2ST

Firstly, not too long ago, writing was posted on Enter2Talk that the lyrics written by B2ST's Junhyung and Rap Monster were alike.  We acknowledge that at the time, we reacted quickly and prematurely. We want to apologize for the many severe curses, violent language, and personal attacks aimed against many Beauties.

Also, we apologize for saying abusive things and making indiscriminate criticism against not only those in the fandom but also against the singers. Additionally, we are embarrassed of and apologetic about laughing at, ignoring, or regarding the lyrics that Junhyung really holds dear to his heart as unoriginal lyrics however we wanted.  We, ARMYs, are even more careful because we know that we brought this upon ourselves.  We are even more sorry and even more sorry for our rash handling of the situation by lashing out and making it seem that an occurrence the Beauties found unfair was no big deal.

We are all alike in that we're fans who created a fandom and did activities as fans because we liked and held someone dear, yet we were unable to understand both sides, and we also apologize for messing with something sensitive.  We apologize for maliciously saying provocative words or talking about malicious situations like "Beauty bugs," "has-been," and "departure."

We, as all of ARMY, sincerely apologize for the personal attacks, attacks on family and friends, and words that should never be said during the verbal warfare. We apologize to not only the fandom but also the artists for the words of ridicule and disregard.

Additionally, we want to talk about the slogan that was posted onto Enter2Talk right before.  We wish that you would inquire about it to the one who produced the slogan.  The phrase 'Let's see for a long time' is not a phrase that ARMYs use, and it seems like a special case.  However, we will decrease an overlap with that to the best of our abilities, and we will respond immediately when the need for an explanation, apology, or response to curiosity is necessary.

I'm not sure as of yet how this writing will be taken by Beauties, but I wanted to relay our desire to apologize even a little, so I wrote up an apology.  How would you be able to forgive us for the harm and trauma from our sayings and doings through just this letter of apology?  I have nothing else I can say.  Only that I'm sorry and I apologize again.  We will work hard in order to not disappoint you again.  Once again, I apologize.


Hello, this is BTS's fan club ARMY. 

Before I begin writing, I want to inform you all that I'm writing this apology letter to WNNER and WINNER fan club Inner Circle on behalf of all the ARMYs. 

Firstly, we want to sincerely apologize for not refraining from criticisms and personal attacks by bringing up a past controversial interview with WINNER regarding Rap Monster's interview. Unlike the Inner Circles who questioned the credibility of the edited interview and supported us with words of encouragement, we can only be sorry for our careless, embarrassing actions of criticisms and insults. I'm sincerely sorry. 

Next, I want to apologize for our ignorant words, overlooking what hardships WINNER went through to get to where they are today. Many ARMYs admit their fault and apologize for bringing down WINNER and not being more thoughtful about our actions which strayed far from the main issue at hand. We bow our heads deeply in apology. 

I believe that we must take full responsibility for our careless actions and insults. I have no excuses for the things we said to bring down WINNER. We will continuously try our hardest so an incident like this will not occur again. 

I do not yet know how Inner Circles will approach this letter, but I wrote this letter in the hopes that we would be able to relay our apologetic heart. We will be more careful from now on in refraining from saying things that will be hurtful. 

We apologize deeply once again. 

Posted by the entire BTS fan club, Army.

4. To EXO

Hello, this is BTS's fan club ARMY. 

Before I begin writing, I want to inform you all that I'm writing this apology letter to EXO-L's on behalf of all the ARMYs. 

I want to say that this is neither a response nor a justification but an apology to all the EXO-L's for our careless words and actions. I hope that you'll take these factors into consideration while reading this letter. 

Though all your wounds won't disappear, it is my wish that through this letter, we may be able to relay our words of apology and ameliorate the wounds suffered by EXO-L's. 

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for our harsh words which went far beyond the main issue at hand. 

The plagiarism controversy was so abrupt, and in the process of explaining and responding [to the plagiarism], we argued countless times with EXO-L's.

In this process, many ARMIES strayed from the main problem, making personal attacks and bringing down EXO and EXO-L's by mentioning the former members and relationship rumors, hurting all the EXO-Ls. 

I want to apologize sincerely for this. 

In addition, I want to apologize for raising objection against the plagiarism using inconclusive evidence. 

In the process of responding to the plagiarism, we refuted the controversy using documents for which we didn't properly check the dates, a mistake which occurred due to our negligence. I want to apologize to EXO-L's for this. 

Next, I want to apologize for blindly blaming EXO-L's for the real-time Tweets on Twitter. 

Recently, words that defamed BTS, such as 'Plagiarism Boys,' had trended on Twitter. We'd like to apologize for just looking at the surface and treating all EXO-L's atrociously and with reproach. 

Lastly, I would like to explain the nicknames and chants such as 'Let's Love,' and 'Bang-Jel-Woot (the funniest member in BTS).' 

We apologized for 'Let's love' and 'Bang-Jel-Woot' during a past controversy, and we had agreed not to use those terms but many ARMYs who don't know are still using them. 

And the recent controversy surrounding the modifier 'the guy at 3 minutes 33 seconds (the term used to describe BTS member Jimin in 'Fire' MV)' coincides with the modifier 'the guy at 3 minutes 1 second (the term used to pinpoint EXO member Chanyeol in 'Growl' MV).' It is our mistake for not being fully aware of this situation and continuing to use the term 'the guy at 3 minutes 33 seconds' to attract attention to the relevant member. I want to apologize about this as well. 

We are aware of that fact that the chant 'Let's love' belongs to EXO and that terms such as 'Eck-Jel-Woot' and 'the guy at 3 minutes 1 second' are terms which are precious to EXO and EXO-L's. 

I want apologize about ARMYs making light of the terms of endearment (nicknames) such as 'Let's love,' 'Eck-Jel-Woot,' and 'the guy at 3 minutes 1 second' and talking about them so carelessly. 

We cannot give you any clear answer on the plagiarism controversy which is the root cause of all the problems. We believe that the label has to speak up about the plagiarism, and I hope you will consider the fact that we're requesting BTS's agency Big Hit for any feedback. 

We admit complete fault regarding the aforementioned matters, and we want to relay our sincerest apologies to EXO-L's about our careless, irrational behavior and words. From now on, we will try harder to create a more mature fandom. 

I do not yet know how EXO-L's will approach this letter, but I wrote this letter in the hopes that we would be able to relay our apologetic heart. How would it be possible for you to ever forgive us based on this letter alone for all the wounds and shock that you suffered? I have nothing more to say. I'm just sorry and sorry again. We will try our best so that you will be no longer be disappointed in us. We want to apologize once again. 

Posted by the entire BTS fan club, Army.

5. To Big Bang

Hello, this is BTS's fan club ARMY. 

Before I begin writing, I want to inform you all that I'm writing this apology letter to Big Bang and Big Bang's fan club VIPs on behalf of all the ARMYs. 

First and foremost, we acknowledge the fact that we weren't quick and upright in our response to this issue, and we once again bow our heads deeply in apology for the personal attacks and groundless denunciations that could have hurt the Big Bang members or Big Bang's fan club VIPs. 

We are currently seeking feedback from Big Hit regarding the plagiarism, and we plan to continue seeking feedback until we receive a clear cut response, and we would like to apologize again for wrongful, defensive action against [the plagiarism accusations] before we requested for feedback [from Big Hit].

Additionally, we would like to relay our apologetic heart regarding the interview controversy. For the interview controversy, I think that many VIPs were hurt by BTS member Rap Monster's thoughtless answer to an interview question. We acknowledge complete fault regarding this matter without any more right to explain ourselves further and apologize. We are very sorry. 

We are also sorry about the late feedback despite how big the controversy became. Our wrongful attitude in the past several days could not be more embarrassing, and we would like to apologize for it with our heads deeply bowed. 

I do not yet know how VIPs will approach this letter, but I wrote this letter in the hopes that we would be able to relay our apologetic heart. We will try our best so that you will be no longer be disappointed in us. We want to apologize once again. 

Posted by the entire BTS fan club, ARMY.

6. To VIXX 

Back when VIXX won first place with the song "Error," Rap Monster's careless behavior became a controversy.  We are aware that winning first place on a music show is a very priceless and unforgettably precious moment for not only the singer but also the singer's fans.

Therefore, we are greatly apologetic for the pain inflicted on everybody through Rap Monster's indiscreet behavior.  At the time, we did not properly hear the sound of Starlights asking for an apology regarding the behavior at the time, and we just overlooked it for which we sincerely apologize.

Also, we sincerely apologize for thinking of it lightly with 'It's already old news so why do you keep bringing it up?' when the Starlights consistently asked for a proper apology.  

Lastly, we apologize for making many different personal attacks and criticisms during all the different controversies going on right now.  Even though we know, as a fandom that supports a singer, how scary personal attacks and groundless criticism can be, we still made them for which we are embarrassed and sincerely apologetic.

We will work hard in order to behave more prudently and carefully in every situation while always thinking of how, just like our singer is precious to us, another singer is precious to that singer's fans.

I'm unsure as to how this writing will be taken by Starlights, but I wrote this letter of apology to relay, even a little bit, our apologies.  From hereon, we will work hard in order to not disappoint you."

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ARMYnonymous Monday, May 15, 2017

Wow... I haven't been on allkpop for over a year now...

Starlightwarrior Monday, September 5, 2016

excuse me you forgot B.A.P and to BTS themselves. a couple of fans at the B.A.P concert shouted BTS chants during the concert. some BTS fans forced Daehyun to say happy birthday to V in rude manners even though he didn't know V at all. The girl who sent that inappropriate video on BTS twitter account. etc

ARMYnonymous Starlightwarrior Monday, May 15, 2017

Get over it... Sure it's rude and stupid (i mean, one ticket can gives me at least one designer bag) but that's just how bts are. They're too playful. And i don't know bap but sometimes we need to understand that some people are born to be playful and happy and when does this even takes place?

Jeonghae_Won Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dear ARMYs:         Hey guys. It's me again. I know this is long but please read it until the end. There is something I wanted to say over two months now. But I was being a wimp and got scared for some reason and I couldn't say it until now. I have been hiding from my wrong doings even though I should've written this a long time ago. However, I know that this is something important to be said and that I can't just run away from it forever. I know that some of you might get angry and mad at me even more after reading this. But if I don't say this, I feel like I don't have the right to continue being an ARMY because I feel very ashamed of myself.         When this controversy arose, I have been thoughtless and I didn't trust BTS enough to believe truly that BTS didn't do anything wrong. I was mostly on the other side instead of standing up for BTS. This incident hurt BTS and ARMYs but even as an ARMY, I "admitted" that we were the ones who was causing all this and that it was our fault, and I was amongst those people who hurt BTS and ARMYs. Thinking about how I didn't trust BTS enough makes me feel very ashamed of myself as an ARMY, and as a person. Like I said, I am also a fan of EXO, and so are all of my friends at school. I was being a coward and I was afraid that if I took BTS' side, then my friends might turn their backs on me. I was being selfish and egoistic and only thought of the impact that would effect me, not realizing the amount of pain I was giving to you guys, ARMYs, and BTS. I guess what I was thinking was that this wasn't that serious and it wasn't hurting others as much as it actually did.          After this incident, it has got me thinking a lot. I realized how when this happened, I didn't have enough trust in BTS and I was being childish. The people I called thoughtless at that time were actually the people who were doing the right thing, and I was the one who was thoughtless. Especially after listening to Suga's mixtape, I have realized how horrible I had been and how thoughtless I was. I realized every little thing I say and said will and did effect badly to other people. I also realized that this WAS and IS very serious, and that it DID hurt others a lot. Now, I feel guilty whenever I say that I am a HUGE fan of BTS, thinking what I did back in May, unless I apologize to you, and BTS because I am deeply apologetic about what I have done and how much I have hurt so many people and not trusting BTS enough. Even though my fault will not go away even after I apologize, I hope that this apology letter will show how much I regretted what I have done and how much I want to apologize to you. I have decided to apologize in all the places I have left a comment about this and I will. I am also going to make an apology to BTS, and I've decided I can't run away from what I have done anymore.          I don't expect you guys to forgive me, and I know I deserve that. But I just couldn't keep this thought that I was holding onto myself for over two months to myself no longer, and I just hope this will just show you how apologetic I am about this. I changed myself after realizing my fault so that I could trust in BTS more and now, whenever I see people bashing and making rumors about BTS about this, and other subjects, I now stand up for BTS and now I believe that the rumors are false no matter what they say. And I am going to put all my effort to stay that way, and never go back to the way I was back in May. From now on, I will trust BTS more than anyone and I will stand up for them. I am deeply sorry for all the pain I have given to you, other ARMYs who have suffered because of this incident, and more than anyone, I am very deeply sorry to Kim Seok Jin, Min Yoon Gi, Jung Ho Seok, Kim Nam Joon, Park Ji Min, Kim Tae Hyung, and Jeon Jung Kook. I will put in 100% of my efforts from now on to be a true ARMY who stands by BTS no matter what, and I will put all my heart into them. Again, I am truly sorry. Thank you.

Luna_latte93 Tuesday, August 2, 2016

...sometimes, I think ARMYs should just stop being immature and accept the fact that BTS isn't always gonna win. Sure, they have great music, they're entertaining in variety shows, but news flash: THEY'RE NOT THE ONLY IDOL BOY GROUP OUT THERE! I applaud to this wise Army though, since there has been a lot of problems between armys and other fandoms these days....

former_ARMY_exoL Thursday, June 30, 2016

bts losing fans bcuz of their own fans ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭  ..bts and army being criticize bcuz of some trolls in army who kept havocking the other fandoms,,before we,old army were really supportive and never bashed another idol or their fandoms,,but now they even bashing their fellow armies,,long before i was also tired for kept apologising to other fandoms bcuz of the trolls stupid aggressive actions and decided to leave army ╥﹏╥ ,the funny things is that i know one of the trolls who did these stupid stuff,you know what , she just recently joining army and few days after that she start bashing others idol ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍ and bringing bad names to bts instantly,,,the same things also happen to exo ( ̄∇ ̄")  ,poor those babies.thank god there's still one brave soul who can thinks wise and apologize(salute to you).(TROLLS) YOU GUYS SHOULD JUST GO AND FIND YOUR LIFE,IF NOT JUST GO AND DIE..

former_ARMY_exoL Thursday, June 30, 2016

( ̄∇ ̄")

Xiao_Li_Meng Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Um! They forgot about 24k!! we 24U's are very affected by what BTS and BTS fans are doing to us!!BTS Armys are very rude and immature and also discusting!!we 24K fans are very very hurt by all this stupid ass drama BTS is giving us!! (BTW SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH!!)I just wish BTS fans would stop writing on 24K members profiles AND music videos on YouTube saying rude things and hating on 24k because they "copied bts"?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!Sungoh is Sungoh and he looks like Sungoh and IS Sungoh!! NOT V for god sake!!! I'm so angry!! people need to STOP comparing!! Like i'm so done with this shit!!I don't usually get involved into this kinda shit but BTS fans are talking shit about my fave Kpop group!! SO I'M GETTING INVOLVED OK?!SO IN ALL THIS WE DESERVE A APOLOGY!!!~24U

Starlightwarrior Xiao_Li_Meng Monday, September 5, 2016

Also B.A.P a few army fans went to B.A.P's concert in Atlanta and literally fan chanted BTS things with BTS apparel. Im okay with the apparel doens't matter but the chanting during most of the concert it plain rude. And BTS armys rudely forced Daehyun to wish V a happy bday..he doesn't even know him..

ARMYnonymous Starlightwarrior Monday, May 15, 2017

I don't even know bap or 24k... Do you see me complaining??? Geez... At least watch your words. Don't be mean.

Starlightwarrior ARMYnonymous Sunday, May 21, 2017

don't be mean? um how was i mean exactly?

ARMYnonymous Starlightwarrior Friday, May 26, 2017

first off... im sorry for calling you mean, second... i totally blame the slow internet and my dumb phone. but this things can happen so im sorry. lastly, the comment was supposed to be on err... Xiao li meng's? not yours...

Arieeel Sunday, June 12, 2016

a big thank you to the army who wrote this. I really hope we won't have anymore fanwars. I hope EXO-L's and Armys can get along well ^^ I'm both a EXO-L and army lol I'm multifandom(my fav grp is got7 tho hehe anyway) Baekhyun and Taehyung are friends too so let's all get along well!

ARMYnonymous Monday, May 16, 2016

good thing ..

WonderCodeFever Friday, May 13, 2016

The time when BTS finally has a wise Army~ after all the fandom fight and overacted, at least the wise has spoken

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