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'Cheese in the Trap' creator protests the drama not adhering to her wishes


Beloved drama 'Cheese in the Trap' is ending soon, much to the viewers' dismay. 

With just two more episodes to go, the drama's production crew is under heat, particularly from the original webtoon writer Soonkki, for not adhering to her wishes. 

The main issue Soonkki had with the drama version of her original series is that the drama's ending will be too similar to the ending that she has planned for the webtoon. For the readers' sake, Soonkki had wished for the drama to create a different ending for the series so as not to spoil the ending she had in mind for the webtoon.

Soonkki herself addressed this issue, uploading a lengthy post on online. 

A part of the post reads:

"Hello, this is writer Soonkki. 

It is very unfortunate that I have to write about such an uncomfortable topic, but because of some recent ridiculous rumors, I'm writing an explanation like this. 

I was worried that if I delayed this any further, things would get more and more complicated and eventually be neglected so that's why I'm uploading this post; I'd be thankful for the readers' generous understanding. 

I will write an explanation regarding a few stories related to me. 

Regarding drama agreement: 

I was not going to say anything about the drama if it could be helped but there are so many articles containing indications of misunderstanding, so I felt it necessary to express my stance at least once. I can't discuss any inside matter in detail but I will explain the areas that are causing an misunderstanding among numerous readers/viewers. 

I have met with the writers and the director about two times to discuss the content related to the drama, and I answered any questions on the characters, plot developments, the ending, etc. It was in this process that I said the following: 

-Because there were too many instances of antagonistic characters like Son Min Soo/Oh Young Gon/Kim Sang Chul appearing during the series, I expressed my wish for new campus life episodes that will fit the drama to be created rather than forcing these characters into the drama. 
-The original webtoon ending's content and direction is like this (I shared the original ending), but should the original work be extended, [the story] could be spoiled so I wished for [the drama] to think of a different ending. 
-If there are any questions during production or any areas that need confirming, I told them to contact me any time. 

The above content was the gist [of the meetings], and as much as the mediums are different I wished for the drama to be completely different from the original webtoon. But the drama that was produced was reported as being 'true to the original.' If that was the result of the production company's internal meetings, then I at least wanted [the drama] to reflect the original well. 

But as the drama was airing as 'true to the original,' I never once got a phone call and I had no way of knowing how the drama was being produced. When I requested for the script, after episode six, the scripts weren't at all shared with me, the original creator, based on the reason of 'absolute confidentiality of the drama script.' Then I was contacted for the first time since the drama production began, and was asked, 'We're about to film the fourteenth episode but is it okay if we make the ending like this?' I have told them to make the ending different from the original yet both the ending and direction were similar [to the original], so I protested and once again requested them to change the ending. 

I have never asked for an ending that I want. Because the ending that I want will play out in my original work. I only requested that [the drama] produce the story so that it will not overlap with the webtoon, and I never enforced the content that I want. Because I was only able to receive the script after episode six only after I protested forcibly. A creator who doesn't know what happens before or after cannot involve herself in the drama ending. Only ask to avoid spoiling the ending of the original. 

I did not get to choose or discuss the direction that the drama will take, but I wanted to clearly refute these points. Any criticism or praise of the drama is toward the drama itself; I do not believe there is any need to mention the creator in the process. 

I will not be writing any more about the drama beside the fact that I did not involve myself in the drama. The drama is the result of so many people's efforts so it's not up for me to mindlessly run my mouth about it just because I am the creator. 

Thankfully actors who were a good fit for the characters were casted, and their acting was great. I hope that the viewers and the readers will enjoy the drama in their own way. I hope that the drama will end on a good note and I myself will try my best to bring only the best until the very end. There is still a long way to go. 

Thank you for reading such a long post. Now, I will be going to prepare the webtoon's next episode.

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