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JYP Entertainment suspends all of TWICE Tzuyu's activities in China due to her political controversy

By thewesterngirl   Wednesday, January 13, 2016   164,469   17,515   976



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TWICE's Tzuyu has been facing controversy in China with her stating Taiwanese as her nationality, instead of Chinese. Since then, JYP Entertainment made a slight change to TWICE members' profiles, by switching the word 'nationality' into 'place of birth'.

But it appears that wasn't the origin of the controversy. Last November, on the recording of MBC's 'My Little Television', Tzuyu held up both the Korean and Taiwanese flag. Although that segment did not appear on broadcast, Chinese netizens still found out and many were not pleased.

This is because some Chinese netizens have been thinking that Tzuyu is wishing for Taiwanese independence from China.

It's a debated topic whether Taiwan is a separate country from China or not. Taiwan has its own self-sustaining government, but whether Taiwan is an independent country from China is still up for debate.

This has become a growing issue, affecting TWICE's promotions in China. According to reports by StarNews, TWICE has been removed from Beijing TBV's 'Choon Wan' poster, making people wonder if they will not be on the show anymore. The producers responded by saying that TWICE was never invited to be on the show.

Tzuyu's endorsement with China's Huawei has also been reported to be canceled and her CFs have been suspended.

In response, JYP Entertainment uploaded an official report on their Weibo on January 13.

The agency said, "The online rumors are not true, and as a cultural business, JYP Entertainment has always made effort to have an amiable interaction between Korea and China. Including Tzuyu, JYP Entertainment has not made any remark or action related to Chinese politics.
The person concerned (Tzuyu) is a 16 year old minor. With her age and work experience, her political point of view has not fully formed yet. 
However, because of a mentioned rumor from above, JYPE's daily work in China has been affected, which have made our sub-contractors, who protected and cooperated with us, uncomfortable.
Considering the situation, until the controversy subsides, JYP Entertainment has made the decision to completely suspend all of this celebrity (Tzuyu's) activities in China.

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We hope this dies down soon so that TWICE, and especially Tzuyu, will not have any more problems promoting in China.


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exo_galaxyy Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"We hope this dies down soon so that TWICE, and especially Tzuyu, will not have any more problems promoting in China. "
It's sad because even when the netizens get bored the problem fades away, she'll always remember this situation and will probably feel extremely cautious every time she's in china or talking about her own hometown /smh/

BTSl0ver Sunday, January 17, 2016

come ON ppl, she's 16 for goodness sake!! i bet we wouldnt want to receive so much hate for holding up a different flag so Tzuyu wouldnt either.......................... lets just imagine being in her place for a minute

typical_fangurl Saturday, January 16, 2016


Rebel_Patriot Friday, January 15, 2016

Darus Saturday, January 16, 2016

If this was meant as sarcasm, I like it :D

sherry133 Wednesday, January 20, 2016

You have made the progress to know that Mongolia has already been an independence country when ROC ruled it.

Javimin Friday, January 15, 2016

All of this because she held a taiwanese flag instead a chinese one? C'mon people! Who cares!!!!??? Even if it's about the rumour about she wants Taiwan independence, it's her opinion. Let her be! And she is 16 years old, it's not her fault not knowing everything that will pist off people

Jjangxhi Friday, January 15, 2016

heck in this day and age, nobody knows everything that will piss off people :/

Charlotte_luv Friday, January 15, 2016

all of this because the JYP said her nationality is Taiwan instead of China.AND, JYP Entertainment, a famous company should have made such a mistake which can not be tolerated.

Nicole990 Saturday, January 16, 2016

She was questioned why she held the flag later on in which she replied very strongly that she opposed being defined as chinese. Which is ok, everyone has their own opinions, but this is a sensitive topic for chinese people and if she or her group wants to go to china to earn money from chinese then that would be difficult.

miguel_vaz Saturday, January 16, 2016

@Nicole990 when she did that? are u talking about her variety show with Jackson? that diferent

seo_jessica_jung Friday, January 15, 2016

This is my view. I get that Nationality is a big deal but all that Tzuyu did was hold a flag. A flag to represent a country ,not birthplace ,not nationality. I might be a Canadian and hold a Spain flag ,to support let say a soccer team that is in Spain. Chinese Fan make the assumption from her holding a Taiwan flag. Assumptions were made that started the controversy. ;

Tzuyu never said anything about her nationality. Yes,she is born in Taiwan. That's all. Birthplace means the country that you were born in. Tzuyu was delivered (giving birth) in a Taiwanese hospital in Taiwan. In my opinion, Assumptions were made that started all of this controversy ;

Please don't hate me for this. I just really or I know that Tzuyu is not at fault but if there are people that thinks Tzuyu is at fault,then I have no say in their judgment ;

Noy Friday, January 15, 2016

She may did something wrong but not that much serious. Though I think everyone is responsible to protect their country, we can give her another chance because she is very young. Actually we are not just angry about she was holding the flag. There are many Taiwan medias reported some news about her and suggested that she is a member of them who support the independence of Taiwan. And they said she is a Taiwanese but not a chianese. We are disappointed because she didn't stand out and explain nothing. If she said "I'm a Chinese" at that time, everything is over. Those TW medias reported the news purposely to provke us. They sacrificed this young girl to get their political purpose. We can forgive a girl but not a person who try to seperate our country. I also hope everything can be over soon but we will never stop protecting our country until we get a satisfied answer from JYP. Taiwan is a part of China. It's not a debatable topic. It's the truth. Also Korean government admits it. I feel sad about this young girl. Those medias make she in this situation.

Maggie Saturday, January 16, 2016

Logical reasoning doesn't work with pigs that have very little intelligence. The pigs have tons of money, and the weasle bowed down to the pigs and say please give me money, and then the weasle slaughtered the lamb for sacrifice.

sleepysheep Saturday, January 16, 2016

@Noy No they just said that Taiwan is an independence country. They did not ever said that she supported the independence. They said that she is such a pitiful young girl who is forced to blow down to the mainland chinese just because of their fragile hearts. Nobody provoked those mainland chinese. It is because those mainland chinese are always so whiny and so sensitive over minor matters like this. Even common korea ppl are angry over those chinese and jyp making a minor doing such a thing for money. lame losers.

qwerasdfzxcv Friday, January 15, 2016

first of all we cannot entirely blame anyone for all these stuffs. And just to clarify, the relationship between Taiwan and China has been complicated long before this happened and there have always been negative things such as, but are not limited to debates and misunderstandings going on and intensifying between them. Things that are causing more problems and deteriorating the situation are that people are faking out information and insulting each other for no specific reason, which excite the media and thus grant netizens opportunities for more hateful comments. ;

I just hope everything would soon be over. ;

lonemazi Friday, January 15, 2016

I think people has yet to realise that Taiwan is a very sensitive issue in China. It's not about people overreacting, it's a NATIONAL issue. Everyone knows that some fans are also protecting their idols regardless of what they did. But even Tsuyu fanbases in China is disapproving of her actions and that says ALOT. ;

BigBlueagain Friday, January 15, 2016

The issue isn't that complicated. Taiwan is what's left of real China. It is an independant country that China exerts no governorship over. They want to. End of story.

tsq626 Friday, January 15, 2016

@BigBlueagain Well~ maybe the real issue for many Chinese fans is not political controversy anymore. Most of us doesn't even care if our government has any control over Taiwan. We just seriously hate those who insulted our country and people in some occasion, but acting like they love this country when they can make a fortune on this territory. simply disgusting.

BigBlueagain Friday, January 15, 2016

@tsq626 you'll excuse me if I lack any sympathy whatsoever for your position at the moment. The market should decide whether people make money there or not. You buy it or you don't. If enough of you don't, then it goes away.

tsq626 Friday, January 15, 2016

@BigBlueagain Exactly & thats what most Chinese people are doing right now, they stop to pay. No one needs sympathy. Everyone should be respected for their political view or attitude about pop star. The Chinese market doesn't welcome this girl at this moment and people are expressing their attitude. It was all those ugly insults and ambiguous attitude that intensified this argument. It's ok to share views and discuss historical reasons objectively, but truly annoying to fight against each other to show the pathetic sense of superiority.

BigBlueagain Friday, January 15, 2016

@tsq626 simply not buying their albums would have sufficed. But this boycott of anything JYPE over it and the fact that it was started by a Taiwanese nobody is what's so infuriating.

Nicole990 Saturday, January 16, 2016

@BigBlueagain You clearly have no understanding of what's happening. This tawainese nobody that started all this is actually pretty famous called an huang, mostly for her singing and her blowing the whistle on celebrities being pro independent taiwan and at the same earning big bucks in china. "Taiwan is what is left over of real china" ... not really. The boycott isn't started by the chinese government, it's by the majority of the people in china who isn't happy about the actions of chou. Hence why the netizens use the hashtag #boycottjyp.

BigBlueagain Saturday, January 16, 2016

@Nicole990 next time you post, get your facts straight so you don't look like such an idiot. Huang An is a guy. He's a neverwas hasbeen that has made his entire career about selling his country out. It's not just the CNetz, it's the PRC companies. They're exerting pressure on KOREAN companies so that they pulled their support of Tzuyu. The PRC is a communist country. That means the companies do what they're told by the government. Class dismissed.

lonemazi Saturday, January 16, 2016

@BigBlueagain Hi, I believe that you still don't understand the sensitivity of talking about Taiwan independency in China. Also, if you do a small research, China companies are divided into government funded companies and private companies. Huawei who pressured LG to remove Tsuyu advertisement is a private company that has not float their their company on the stock market. You have to be clear that Tsuyu actions have not angered the government by the people of China. I mean if you really thinking China government controls everything, then they would have just attacked Taiwan immediately. Lel.

BigBlueagain Saturday, January 16, 2016

@lonemazi they do and they can't. IF they were to attack Taiwan, they'd have to deal with U.S. We have a defense treaty with Taiwan.

abs_or_nah Friday, January 15, 2016

guys before you lash out on c-netz u need to realise that this isn't just "netizens hating on a kpop idol". bc there's so much more to the issue that isn't actually reported on this article.

i fucking hate it when politics meshes with kpop??? bc there are always kpop fans who mindlessly defend their idol/attack other netizens when they don't even understand, not a single shit, about what is happening???

if u did not experience it personally then pls don't act like it's no big deal?

CallumWilliams Friday, January 15, 2016

I don't understand the problem, if she is born and from Taiwan, what's so wrong about her holding her native country's flag as its where she's from :S . Yes I don't understand the politics of it, but still, seems a bit stupid and silly, boycotting her just from her merely holding where she originally comes from and their flag :/ ;

abs_or_nah Friday, January 15, 2016

there's more to that. i quote, "Chinese entertainment businesses had already previously stated that they wouldn't allow anyone who was pro-independent Taiwan to be broadcasted (because of some Taiwanese making a lot of money in mainland and then going back to Taiwan to say bad things about mainland and mainlanders). Then after the whole putting her nationality as Taiwan and waving the Taiwanese flag on broadcast, a group of Taiwanese people (or just one?) were like "hey, China's swallowing their words and allowing a pro-independent Taiwan celebrity promote in mainland." "

sleepysheep Saturday, January 16, 2016

@abs_or_nah And to think China keep calling Taiwan its 'brother'........ Total bullshit. It's china's true color.

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