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Chinese netizens criticize TWICE's Tzuyu for stating her nationality as Taiwanese instead of Chinese

TWICE, Tzuyu
TWICE's Tzuyu has been getting a lot of attention before her debut, andespecially after TWICE's debut. She's been one of the most popular members due to her pretty looks, in both Korea and across the world.

But it looks like Tzuyu is facing her first 'controversy'. Not by Korean netizens this time around, but by Chinese netizens.

The problem some netizens found is that JYP Entertainment's official profile of Tzuyu stated her nationality as Taiwan, instead of China. There are blog posts and online comments rampant with criticism towards her on both Chinese and English written online posts. This issue has also been written about by Chinese news outlets.

The controversy is that it's a debated topic whether Taiwan is a separate country from China or not. Taiwan has its own self-sustaining government, but whether Taiwan is an independent country from China is still up for debate. And mainland Chinese netizens are not pleased with the land Tzuyu chose as her nationality.

JYPE has since changed the members' profiles to state 'choolsaeng' which means 'birth (place)', rather than the previously stated 'gookjuk' which means 'nationality'.

What are your thoughts?

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