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Core Contents Media releases official statement regarding KakaoStory conversation + Yoon Ee Na's agency and Sua comment

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Core Contents Media has released an official statement regarding the KakaoTalk Story (KakaoStory for short) conversation that took place between T-ara's Soyeon, Sua, and Yoon Ee Na.

The agency commented through a press release sent out to the media, "Soyeon and Soyeon's acquaintances were not speaking in regards to a specific celebrity. We are sorry that this kind of incident has occurred and we will take more precaution and be more careful in the future."

"The topic of  'Stitch' in question came about because the tiger drawing on the shirt of the brand resembled 'Stitch' the character, and since a graduate student unni Soyeon knows wears that brand of clothing every time they meet, that is why they were talking about it," they added.

The agency continued, "The name of 'Stitch' being discussed is not even 1% related to a celebrity, and it seems Soyeon's acquaintance just joked about 'Stitch' without any other intentions after seeing the brand's clothing with a tiger drawn on it." It was also added, "Also, the part about Soyeon's acquaintances discussing 'Stitch's marriage is not about the graduate student unni who is a fan of the brand, but about another acquaintance they know who is about to get married."

The agency concluded, "As Soyeon and her acquaintances were not naming a particular celebrity, we do not feel that it is right that this has become a big issue because of assumptions... Even though Soyeon's and her acquaintances' words do not have anything to do with a particular celebrity, we are still sorry that this incident has occurred and we will be more cautious and careful in the future."

By releasing the statement, Core Contents Media has once again hoped to confirm that the conversation taking place was not intended toward the celebrity netizens have been assuming to be the person in discussion (Yoon Eun Hye).

In addition to Soyeon's agency, actress Yoon Ee Na's agency, Dasom Entertainment, has also commented regarding the KakaoStory exchange.

They commented, "As it is hard to determine the exact story from the captures, we are currently confirming the truth." They, however, confirmed that Yoon Ee Na did partake in the conversation, but denied that 'Stitch' was Yoon Eun Hye, commenting, "The SNS username captured is indeed Yoon Ee Na's, and the celebrity A in question is just an assumption, it is not true."

However, although Yoon Ee Na's identity in the SNS capture has been confirmed, it is not known exactly who Sua is as D-Day's Sua has denied that she is one of the three through twitter.

Source: Sports Donga, Mydaily, Citydaily, Newspim


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