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Posted by AKP STAFF Sunday, March 27, 2011

SECRET's Ji Eun is amazed with the popularity of "Going Crazy", hopes to try acting


It's already been three weeks since Song Ji Eun's solo track, "Going Crazy", was released, but it's still doing strong on the charts, even ranking in the top three on Gaon's digital chart as of March 25th. "I never expected such a response. Our agency had initially expected to be met with a loss for the album, but pushed forward anyway. Our goal was to rank in the top 30 on digital charts, since we were just aiming to show that I had other images aside from what I show with SECRET. The response I've been receiving actually amazes me," she explained. She shouldn't be surprised though, especially since "Going Crazy" dominated the charts the second it was released. It topped Gaon's top 100 digital chart for the third week of March, showing a "crazy" presence everywhere it ranked. While TS Entertainment had initially planned for a two-week promotion period, the explosive response led them to extend it a bit more. She revealed, "We've always done something cute and bright or something sad, like ballads. We've never done such a strong ballad genre before. It was really difficult for me to find my pitch during the recording. In my daily speech, I usually beat around the bush, so the lyrics were a bit difficult for me as well since it contained a lot of direct expressions." But through consistent practice, she was able to find her pitch and make the lyrics her own. "It wasn't a tone I was confident in, so I really worked hard on it. Even while promoting for 'Shy Boy,' I stayed up all night rehearsing because of the pressures I felt for my solo." The song's haunting lyrics also worried her, since she wasn't sure whether the public would be able to connect with it. "I was afraid the public would listen to the lyrics and shudder." When asked about her radical transformation, she replied, "My parents always ask me why I dyed my hair such a color and come out on TV not looking pretty. Those around me don't really like it either. As for me, I know that I will have more opportunities to show 'prettier sides' in the future, so I was okay with giving that up this time in order to better express the anger and pain of my lyrics." She continued, "I finally feel like I've managed to open a door inside of me that I couldn't before." "I've also gained an interest in acting," she revealed. "While preparing for my solo, I realized that singing and acting both go hand in hand, especially since we have to deliver our emotions to the listeners. Working as a soloist, I need to be able to express myself through my gaze." Ji Eun continued, "I was always curious about how acting was done, so I observed Min Hyo Rin unni when she was acting for my music video. Thanks to her, I learned a lot." Moving onto the topic of variety programs, Song Ji Eun revealed, "Personally, I have an interest in working with variety programs, but I don't feel that I have the talent for it so I don't intend to pursue it. Acting, however, is something I do want to try.  I don't particularly feel a connection with roles that are loved no matter what; I'd love to try someone like Uhm Ji Won in 'Sign' or Eunjung in 'Dream High', since they both have their own unique styles." Source: SPN #1, #2 via Nate

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