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Posted by AKP STAFF Saturday, January 30, 2010

G-Dragon just cleaned for the first year as a YG trainee


Here is part three of the interview where Big Bang's G-Dragon opened up about his concert scandal and his experience as a trainee at SM. Because G-Dragon suddenly became interested in hip hop music after hearing the Wu-Tang Clan, he started to attend classes on freestyle rapping with PeopleCrew. He said:

The hyungs of PeopleCrew were surprised that such a young kid wanted to learn how to rap. They thought I was cute and I would sometimes go on the cable program they were hosting. I even got to be a part of the "2001 Korea Hip Hop Flex" album which was a great experience. For that album, I wrote my own lyrics and recorded them. The hyungs looked at it and said, "Not bad." I had never lived in another country so I didn't have great English skills, it was an obvious story, "I was young but the best," that type of story. Jinusean's Sean saw me and told Yang Hyun Suk about me. The main producer, Perry, even liked me so he wanted to produce me. I thought to myself when I was first going to meet Yang Hyun Suk, "Wow, I get to meet Yang Hyun Suk now." I liked Yang Hyun Suk the best in Seo Taji & Boys. He was fashionable and danced the best. But my first impression of him did not meet up to my expectations. He came in with his slippers and said, "Is he here?" He didn't seem like Seo Taji & Boys' Yang Hyun Suk, he just seemed like the Uncle next door.
While his mother excused herself for a moment, Yang Hyun Suk told G-Dragon to beg his mother to sign the contract. So he did.
When I got home, I begged and cried to my mom, who finally signed the contract. That was when Jinusean, 1TYM, Lexy and others were active. The first time I came to the office I saw Se7en hyung chatting with the YG worker nunas. To me, they were the prettiest people I've ever seen at the time.
He started out with cleaning. He scrubbed the floors, wiped the windows with newspapers, did errands for sunbaes and more.
I would watch the sunbaes practice and get them water. I would lay out the delivery food and clean it up when people were done. For a whole year, I just cleaned. I would come in and clean for an hour, practice for one or two hours and then clean for another hour at the end.
That's a whole lot of cleaning for a 13-year-old. It's crazy to see that he put up with it, but it sure paid off.

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