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'Real' staff to take legal action after Sulli's leaked nude scenes spread internationally at rapid speed

By KpopJoA   20 days ago   153,946   3,072   0



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Looks like things just got real.  With the announcement of illegally taken photos of Sulli spreading like wildfire online, 'Real' staff has called to take legal action against the issue after the content also apparently leaked overseas.

On June 30, Cove Pictures made an official statement, "Scenes from 'Real' have been illegally exposed."  They explained, "It is strictly prohibited to reproduce and distribute the film in any format whether by photo or video without rightful permission of the copyright owner either on or offline.  It violates the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act.  Such illegal occurrences also violate the actor's portrait rights in a scene."

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The production company also stated, "After confirming the illegally taken video were leaked, we took necessary protocol to immediately delete the existing content in order to avoid further exposure.  However, it appears the content has already spread internationally at rapid speed and we are unable to investigate this any further ourselves so we are currently preparing to take legal action."

Cove Pictures added, "We have decided to take legal action with the assistance of cyber crime investigators to avoid this kind of situation from rising again."

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    1. Sulli
    2. Kim Soo Hyun

    crystalCassie91 19 days ago

    It's funny how only Sulli's nude scenes have been leaked and people made a big deal out of it.. but KSH had his "magic wand" revealed, and no one cares..

    2NEWANZ crystalCassie91 19 days ago

    Right lmao

    GabrielGoldem 2NEWANZ 19 days ago

    cause is "not big deal" you know LOL.

    GabrielGoldem crystalCassie91 19 days ago

    Jaraiya_Ero crystalCassie91 19 days ago

    No one's really interested in the 'magic want' nothing fantastic about those, but boobs!! Yeah

    crystalCassie91 GabrielGoldem 18 days ago

    Meh, link has been removed for "nudity and sexual content" X'D

    crystalCassie91 19 days ago

    But that scene was part of the movie anyway right? They are only taking action because someone filmed it in the theater... and not because her tits were exposed...

    krell 19 days ago

    In another message here on this AKP ARTICLE ; @Longan_Lychee said of SULLI --> "Just hoping no more animals (like EELS) will end up being part of her publicity stunts though." ... <-- Okay ; I will *BITE* on this a bit. So, related to this issue ; is *physical* BRAIN SIZE. And the WHALE has the LARGEST PHYSICAL BRAIN ; but difficult to know about what 'goes on' in there. And, the LARGEST BRAIN size, *relative* to the BODY SIZE of the creature ; is ... (drum roll) ... the MOUSE (rodent). As to whether the MOUSE has the 'intellect' of SOCRATES ; who knows ... Finally, the 'torture' of those creatures 'lower on the food chain' has *already* been done by a relatively 'famous' USA Rock Music Artist ; OZZY OSBORNE (1982) ; ENJOY !!! ... (Joking) So, I look forward to video of SULLI *biting off* the HEAD of an EEL ; there is much *TRADITION* behind it! Plus, SULLI could have spoken DIALOG ; where she says like "This is my PET EEL ; that I named it CHOIZA !!!" ... (CHOMP! CHOMP!) ...

    krell 19 days ago

    FTJ 19 days ago

    Let's not waste anymore of Kim SooHyun's money.

    mypcy 19 days ago

    Okay, yes. They need to take legal against for the leaked but why does everyone acting like the leaked is a video of their sextape or something? Everyone is going to see it eventually if they want to. And is it only Sulli scene that is being leaked? Does it not contain Kim Soo Hyun too? Misogynistic much?

    spiky_porc 19 days ago

    They should pay whoever leaked the photos, the free exposure from the pictures might just save them from the garbage reviews this movie got

    Hidden_KRD_Kiri 19 days ago

    Finally saw the leaked clips of Real with Kim Soohyun & Sulli sex and blowjob scenes... all I can say is DAMN! That was HOT AF.

    2NEWANZ Hidden_KRD_Kiri 19 days ago


    propanda Hidden_KRD_Kiri 19 days ago

    Eh to me it looked more like bad porn, pretty cringy ^^;

    smesme 19 days ago

    The doctor did a good job on her boobsThose days she was so flAt, now it's perfect

    Hidden_KRD_Kiri 19 days ago

    I really do want to see Real but from I've heard & read it already has received very negative reviews. Sulli nude photos also are definitely being released & making waves everywhere and it's crazy but also it is not making her look good either, most people think she belong in porn industry or something which pretty sad tbh. Also what it this I hear about a blowjob in the film? Does Sulli do this to Kim Soohyun? I'm kind of still interested in seeing this movie even if it is a major flop.

    2NEWANZ Hidden_KRD_Kiri 19 days ago

    Yup i have full vid its like ksh sitting or laying naked (i see his eiffel tower) then sulli come , undressed herself and come to ksh give blowjob then they have sex

    4ever_VIP 19 days ago

    lol To think they really believe they can do "something" about it, in a couple of days the whole movie will be uploaded everywhere, Hollywood cant do anything about it but "cove Pictures" will? lol

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