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[Pop Quiz] Which YG actor are you fated to be with?

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Which YG actor are you fated to be with? Take the Pop Quiz to find out!

You're feeling sleepy, very sleepy~ Where would you take a nap?

  • on the couch

  • errr, my bed?

  • the floor

  • on a blanket in my sunny yard

  • in my car

You need to get your friend's attention in class. You…

  • ask your classmates for help

  • try to catch the friend's eye through telepathy

  • throw something at the friend's head

  • "Psst, hey! Hey! You! Hey!"

  • subtly pass a handwritten note

What dog would you like to adopt?

  • corgi

  • golden retriever

  • shih tzu

  • husky

  • German shepherd


  • "Yes… cheese…. o.o"

  • "Oh, would you like some?"

  • "Go eat some, then! What do you want me to do about it?"

  • *smiles in confusion*

  • "Cheese makes me gassy..."

Which actor is your all-time fave?

  • Colin Firth

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Brad Pitt

  • Tom Hanks

  • Bradley Cooper

You see a creep lurking around a group of women. You…

  • jump on him and beat him up

  • tell a nearby officer

  • watch him from afar, daring him to make a move

  • join the women while looking at him so he'll go away

  • politely ask him to leave

  • [Pop Quiz] Which YG actor are you fated to be with?

    Lee Jong Suk

    If you always wanted to marry somebody who's like a friend to you, then Lee Jong Suk is the man! And lucky for you, you're fated to be with him. He's immensely approachable and friendly, somebody who is comfortable to be around like your favorite sweatshirt. He knows how to keep your mind at ease and be there for you with a smile perpetually on his handsome face.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which YG actor are you fated to be with?

    Kang Dong Won

    If you always wanted the mysterious guy who's like a puzzle you'd like the rest of your life to solving, then Kang Dong Won is the man! And you're fated to be with him, you so lucky! He's the quiet, introverted type, so it's hard to tell what's on his mind, but you're drawn to that naturally charismatic aura he's wrapped in. He might seem timid, but he'll gradually open up to you and take you in.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which YG actor are you fated to be with?

    Nam Joo Hyuk

    If you always wanted a sweet 'yun-ha-nam (younger boy)' type of guy, regardless of whether he's actually younger than you, then Nam Joo Hyuk is the man! You're fated to be with this model-turned-actor. He's sweet, gentle, kind, and chivalrous. He knows how to take care of his loved one by protecting them and making it known to them that no matter what, he'll always be by your side. He sure knows how to make a gal/guy feel special!
  • [Pop Quiz] Which YG actor are you fated to be with?

    Son Ho Joon

    If you always wanted a simple-minded man who won't make life complicated, then Son Ho Joon is the man - and coincidentally, he's the one you're fated to be with. He might seem a bit clueless and bumbling, but it's all a part of his innocent, genuine charm. Everything you see is what you get. He's sweet and knows how to enjoy the simple things in life. He's positive and optimistic, never getting angry at life, so you know he'll make a dependable companion for eternity.
  • [Pop Quiz] Which YG actor are you fated to be with?

    Cha Seung Won

    If you always wanted a manly man who is manly enough to also be kind and gentle, then… too bad because this guy's taken. Someone beat you to your fate, Cha Seung Won, as he's happily married. You'll meet someone else who is as manly, tough, and charismatic, someone who makes you feel protected but also loved because inside, he's super caring and loyal, buuuut…it won't be this guy, you homewrecker. Move on! I say, move on!





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    Whalien_52 56 minutes ago

    Damn i got Lee jong suk o: ohhhh~

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    chaoticoconut 1 hour ago

    Kang Dong Won. And he's one of my top two favorite actors with Matsuda Shota so.

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    gvantza 1 hour ago

    jongsuk :P

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