BTS choose their top 3 songs + open up about their current worries

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BTS sat down for an interview with 'Star News', naming their picks for the top 3 BTS songs as well as opening up about their current troubles!

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After some debate with one another, the group named their top 3 songs as "I NEED U", "Dope", and "Fire", all chosen for the success they achieved. "I NEED U" and "Fire" were songs that earned numerous #1 titles for BTS, while "Dope" was chosen for its MV views. 

Each of the members were then asked about their current worries, and everyone gave very different yet similar answers! 

Rap Monster said, "My worry right now is what kind of music to make for my next mixtape." 

Jin replied, "I think about whether I'll be able to perform choreography like this in concerts when I'm in my thirties and forties."

Suga answered, "I have to continue to make good music and do well, and I worry if I'll really be able to." 

j-hope shared, "I'm curious how long this happiness and our fans' love for us will last." 

V said, "I want to give back to my parents as soon as possible." 

Jimin's worry was, "What to do to make BTS a respectable group. What to do to make everyone happy. What to do to bring fans good music. Those are my worries." 

Finally, Jungkook stated, "These days I'm worried about how to live so that people will say that person lived well." 

As a group, BTS commented on their goal for 2017, saying, "The top award. And becoming an international artist." 




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army_devotee Friday, September 23, 2016

*gives them hugs and walks away*

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elfinkyy Friday, September 23, 2016

"I think about whether I'll be able to perform choreography like this in concerts when I'm in my thirties and forties." Jin worrying about the important things in life

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jpncsd85 Friday, September 23, 2016

Just one Day, Run, Tomorrow

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