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Chris Brown sends a love call to T-ara N4, a possible collaboration in store?

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T-ara's subunit T-ara N4 will apparently make their way to the States after receiving a love call from Chris Brown!

According to Core Contents Media, the T-ara members were able to get in touch with Chris Brown thanks to their upcoming member Dani. Dani has apparently known Chris Brown since her elementary school days, and hearing that she is currently in the States, Chris Brown invited her to his performance in San Jose, California for a radio station concert event, '94.9 Wild Jam'.

After the concert, Dani met up with Brown and when she mentioned that she's training as a member of T-ara, he showed immediate interest as he's been taking a closer look at K-pop lately thanks to Psy.

Seeing T-ara's unit's MV for "Countryside Life", which Dani showed him, Brown shared his wish to collaborate with T-ara N4 and invited the subunit to his music video filming on the 11th. However, as the unit has their performance at 'Dream Concert' in Korea, T-ara N4 will be heading over to meet him at Los Angeles a day later on the 12th.

A CCM representative revealed, "T-ara N4 will meet up with Chris Brown, after he returns to LA following his San Jose performance, to discuss music-related topics."

What do you think about a possible collaboration between T-ara N4 and Chris Brown?

Source + image: SBS E! via Nate


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