MC Shin Dong Yup tries to 'protect' Eunhyuk once again

January 9, 2013 @ 1:03 am
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Luckily for fans, Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Rainbow's Jisook missed their chance to act out a kiss scene on the latest episode of 'Strong Heart'.

On the January 8th broadcast of SBS' 'Strong Heart', actress Yoo Ha Na opened up about skinship-lacking qualities of her husband and professional baseball player, Lee Yong Kyu, when they first started to date. Yoo Ha Na shared that after becoming frustrated with the lack of skinship between the two, she asked her husband, "Are we not going to kiss?" The actress then asked the MCs, "If a woman says 'let's kiss', what should the man do?".

The MCs then quickly turned the question over to the guests, and Boom turned to face the panelists near him, Eunhyuk and Jisook, saying, "Okay why don't you two act this out," leaving the idols flustered at the sudden suggestion.

But MC Shin Dong Yup quickly stopped the situation as he commented, "No. No. Ask someone else to do it. Someone else," bringing the studio to laughter as they were once again reminded of the 'scandal' with Eunhyuk. Shin Dong Yup added, "Let's protect him a little more," adding to the laughs with Eunhyuk laughing along. If you remember, Shin Dong Yup tried to 'protect' Eunhyuk in a similar fashion back during a previous episode of 'Hello'.

You can check out the clip below (this particular segment starts around 44:51 mark).

Source + image(s): Newsen via Nate

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