2PM's Jun.K to enter Kyunghee University Graduate School

December 11, 2012 @ 6:16 pm
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2PM's Jun.K will be entering Kyunghee University's Media Information Graduate School.

He will be entering the graduate school starting in 2013 and will be participating in the Public Arts and Culture Contents program. JYP Entertainment commented, "Jun.K will be entering graduate school. Jun.K has always had a passion to expand his knowledge on composing music and writing lyrics as related to the public arts. After he enters graduate school, he will be attending school and participating in 2PM activities at the same time."

Most other idols take a special exemption exam reserved for idols but Jun.K's acceptance into the graduate school is even more special because he applied as a normal student, and took the graduate school exam as any other normal student would.

Jun.K entered the Dongah Institute of Media and Arts while majoring in Media Entertainment back in 2009, through his hard work he received a full scholarship which further showed his ideal image.

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