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B2ST display their classy charms for '1st Look'

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B2ST showed off their boyish, yet manly charms through '1st Look's recent photoshoot. Each members captivated the viewers with their alluring stares and natural poses while they pulled off fall and winter clothing in toned down shirts, knits, and jeans.

During the interview following the shoot, Doojoon shared that he was focusing on his acting career as he joined the cast of KBS drama 'Iris 2' and a movie, 'Marrying the Mafia 5 - Return of the Family', and also revealed that the members mostly experienced emotional changes during the three years since B2ST's debut.

B2ST shared, "We found a lot of peace recently, and compared to when we first debuted, we are somewhat more relaxed. Of course we sometimes still get impatient and get flustered but it seems like the time is coming for us to comfortably express ourselves more. So these days, all of the activities are enjoyable."

Dongwoon discussed the launch of his new career as a music actor by landing a lead role in 'Catch Me If You Can'. He also wanted to tell his fans, "In December, there must be people who get more lonely and also people who spend time being closer with their loved one and family. Although you may get cold and lonely, I want you guys to know that there are many people around you that care for you."

Kikwang shared, "During concerts abroad, the scene of overseas fans getting over the language barrier and enjoying B2ST's music was fresh and left an impression on me. Also, from being an MC on KBS' 'Win Win' for two years, I learned a lot of ways to live life and become more optimistic by listening to many sunbaes' stories."

Hyunseung revealed that he wants 2013 to be the year for B2ST members to each give rise to their charms and talents, and Junhyung shared that the members resolved their conflicts through a group chat on their phones. He commented that 2012 has been a time for B2ST to mature and hopes that their maturity will bear fruit in 2013.

B2ST's main vocalist, Yoseob, revealed that he takes care of his vocals with a liquid extracted from bellflower, and shared that B2ST will work hard to win the grand music award in 2013.



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