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T-ara's first domestic concert to be postponed

August 1, 2012 @ 7:51 am
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T-ara's first domestic concert, which was originally scheduled for August 11th, will be postponed.

Despite earlier announcements that stated that the group will go on with all their planned activities, T-ara has been canceling upcoming events with the backlash they've currently been receiving from the public.

As such, it seemed inevitable that their upcoming domestic concert would have to face changes in plans as well.

"The upcoming T-ara concert on the 11th has been postponed," Core Contents Media stated. "The members of T-ara desperately requested for the agency to postpone their first domestic concert on the 11th."

The representative also added, "While talking it over with CEO Kim Kwang Soo, the members stated, 'In a situation like this, we don't think we can show fans bright, happy, and lively sides of ourselves on stage. Fans will probably not enjoy seeing us that way as well,' and requested for the postponement of the concert."

The issue of tickets being refunded was also mentioned by the agency when they stated, "Although reports claimed that large amounts of ticket refund requests had come in for T-ara's first domestic concert, we've only received 20-30 requests."

"We believe that the only way we can repay fans is for T-ara to become more mature and self-reflect in light of this situation and continue to create good music. With that said, we will be concluding 'Day by Day' promotions," said the agency.

In related news, although there will not be group activities for the time being, Soyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin will be carrying on their individual activities with their respective dramas.

Source: Joynews

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