2NE1 will not be guesting on 'Running Man'

July 4, 2012 @ 5:00 pm
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Previously, 2NE1 was revealed to be in discussion for making a guest appearance on SBS's popular variety show, 'Running Man'. Unfortunately for fans, YG Entertainment has ultimately decided to leave the girls out.

Due to the start of their world tour, scheduling variety appearances would have been near impossible for the girls anyway, but fans couldn't help but keep their hopes up. Representatives explained, "The members of 2NE1 are honestly very shy and lack the skills to be on variety shows. We're actually worried and apologetic about the girls bringing down the show."

Although it's custom for idols to go on variety shows to promote their comeback albums, 2NE1 decided not to do so. Representatives expressed, "2NE1 has to focus on their 'I Love You' single as well as their world tour so they don't even have time to take a breath at the moment. And unlike their passionate, energetic image on stage, the girls are actually introverts with calm personalities so they're not fit for variety shows."

In a recent interview, Dara had mentioned, "Unlike how people see us on TV, we're introverts that don't talk much. It takes a lot of effort out of us to go on talk shows." Bom agreed, adding, "Talk shows are pressuring for us, but I do think a variety show that doesn't require scripts could be fun."

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

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