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Yoo In Na & Ji Hyun Woo spotted enjoying a date in Seoul

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Individuals on the busy streets of Seoul may have had the chance to spot Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo together, as they were recently spotted enjoying a date throughout the lively and dynamic nightlife of Seoul.

A netizen recently uploaded a blurry photo of the couple above (left) onto an online community site and it has quickly drawn the attention of fans.

Th photo shows Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo giving off a 'couple look' as they were both seen wearing a white shirt, a jean, and a cap.

The user who uploaded the photo wrote, "It is said that the couple visited the busy streets of Dongdaemun, Bundang, Daehak-ro, and Cheongdam-dong. The two were spotted shopping, eating together, watching a movie, and even getting a matching white-gold couple ring with their initials engraved."

"Because the two were busy in their own worlds dating, there are rumors saying that people were unable to interrupt them to ask for their autographs and pictures. It's nice seeing the two casually dating in public like an ordinary couple."

Ji Hyun Woo made headlines for his surprise confession to actress Yoo In Na during a fanmeeting for tvN's 'Queen Inhyun's Man'. After the two were later spotted taking a stroll at a park, Yoo In Na finally admitted that she and Ji Hyun Woo have started dating.

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate


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tsukey Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I wish they were more couple like them <3 they are sweet ~

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xxxibandrea Thursday, September 5, 2013


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angelstyle Thursday, August 22, 2013


love this couple!

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