Open World CEO admits to some of the accusations against him + female victims total 6

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Open Word Entertainment's CEO has changed his stance since the news first broke out, for he has now admitted to a portion of the suspicions against him.

Kangnam Police Station reported on the morning of April 12th, 'We arrested Mr. Jang on the suspicions of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the total amount of female victims are six, with two of them being teens, who are underage."

They continued, "Different from before, when he denied all of the accusations, he has now admitted to a portion of them," and issued out a warrant of arrest.

Although specific details about the victims have not been revealed, it has been reported that among the victims were celebrity-hopefuls who had not even yet signed an official contract with the agency.

The police is reported to have acquired statements from female victims who testified that "Mr. Jang had commanded male idol group members to sexually assault us", and is investigating the details. They stated, "This is a sex crime of a sensitive nature which we are currently in the midst of investigating, so we are approaching it with caution. The exact breakdown of the suspicions will have to wait until the investigation ends, and we cannot confirm for you everything regarding the female victims."

Before this latest development, Open World Entertainment released a statement threatening legal action against Korean media sites to warn against "exaggerations and false reports (such as the number of victims being over 20)", and those trying to defame the agency and its artists.

Source: Herald, TVdaily, Star Today


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