BoA and Jung Jae Hyung enter Wonderland on 'Running Man'

April 6, 2012 @ 12:19 pm
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BoA and Jung Jae Hyung's upcoming challenge on 'Running Man' is reported to be on a grander scale than what's usually planned for the program.

The 'Running Man' episode that will air on SBS on April 8th KST , called 'Running Man in Wonderland',  is a continuation from last week. BoA and Jung Jae Hyung will be racing to complete the 'Running Man' objective at a theme park on Jeju Island.

The 'Running Man' members and guests received their mission and entered a magic door to a strange new land. Items were placed in chests hidden around the theme park, serving as clues to win the race.  There is also reported to be a secret weapon that is sure to surprise everyone.

The secret weapon on last week's episode was Julien Kang.  Julien Kang caught everyone off guard when he appeared and ended up becoming an important factor to winning the competition.  Members of 'Gag Tonight' will be making an appearance on the April 8th broadcast in costumes. The comedians are said to have made characters that really added to the 'Wonderland' theme.

The 'Running Man' cast commented, "When we passed through the magic door, I really felt like I was under a spell.  [The 'Running Man' staff members] are making us work constantly.  I cannot keep my head on straight."  BoA and Jung Jae Hyung proclaimed, "We're sure to win."

Source: My Daily via Naver

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