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2NE1 to release new Japanese single in March

February 15, 2012 @ 1:19 pm
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Blackjacks are buzzing over hints alluding to 2NE1's new Japanese single!

On February 15th, Sandara Park and Minzy updated their me2days with announcements about 2NE1's upcoming release.

The clues began with Sandara's post, which included a picture from the girls' photoshoot. 2NE1's speedy news correspondent wrote, "What's up?!? Everybody SCREAM~!!! [It's] Nothing ^_^ Just because I'm bored..."

At first, many believed that she was just goofing around for a new selca. But then a few eagle-eyed fans noticed that she was sporting blunt bangs, a dramatic new look that would typically accompany new musical projects.

Suspicions were confirmed after the group's maknae member, Minzy, wrote:

"2NE1 JAPAN SINGLE <Scream> 2012. 03. 28 Release!!! Please look forward to it^^"

She then attached a photo of her new hairstyle, which is longer this time but still carries a bold color.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more info about 2NE1's new single, 'Scream'!


Source + Image: Sandara Park's me2day, Minzy's me2day

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