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Yoon Do Hyun sends a message of encouragement to exam takers

November 10, 2011 @ 10:07 am
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Korean high school students face the most important exam of their lives today. The college entrance exam, which can be described as a very extreme version of the American SAT, often determine the future and career choice of students in a highly, academically focused nation like Korea. In light of the highly stressful exam, singer Yoon Do Hyun tweeted a heartwarming message of encouragement to students all around. He wrote, "You'll be able to enjoy freedom after tomorrow. If the dreams you hold are affected by this exam, try your best to the very end - but remember that an exam isn't everything so don't overdo it. I'll be rooting for you." Netizens proudly commented, "This is Yoon Do Hyun! So admirable," "I found strength in your sincere encouragement," and "All the students must have gotten energized by this. Fighting!" Source & Photo: Star News

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