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Wonder Girls for 'EXR Loves PUCCA'

September 8, 2010 @ 3:22 am
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Wonder Girls member Sohee has transformed into the global character, Pucca! Clothing brand EXR is collaborating with the Pucca franchise to release a new line called 'EXR Loves PUCCA'. The designs will be colorful with a vintage touch, focusing on customers in their 20's. Wonder Girls was recently appointed as models for the collection, and participated in a photoshoot to showcase the articles. The innocent and spunky Sohee took the main role, with the rest of the members supporting for a 'Funny Love Story' storyline. The members transformed into gangsters and posed with very comical expressions, showing yet another delightful side of the group. Check out the pictures below. [gallery]

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