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Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In in a bikini

March 8, 2010 @ 7:58 am
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Via Cyworld, Brown Eyed Girls member Ga-In released a startling array of pictures of her trip to Singapore. Much to many fans' delight, the photos contained pictures of the singer in a hot, light turqoise bikini. At first Ga-In said, "I'm pondering whether I should or shouldn't. To press the upload button or not to press..I'm still thinking about it." But eventually she became frustrated with weighing the pros and cons and uploaded the photos saying, "Ah whatever. heeheehee." Netizens who saw this reacted by saying, "To think a person like this is a wife to Jo Kwon...he's really lucky," "Her body is beautiful" and "You're young husband might get angry." [gallery] Considering his strict rules against Ga-In's provocative outfits before, Jo Kwon will probably get angry with his wife for uploading photos of herself in a bikini to the public. But then again, it looks like Ga-In has a reason to be mad at him too...

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