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  • allkpop's Top 50 K-Pop MVs of 2013: 26-50

    January 8, 2014 @ 6:43 pm

    Throughout the month of December, we brought you our list of the best and most important K-Pop songs of 2013. Now, with the new year, we're pleased to present the best K-Pop music videos of 2013! Read on to find out where your favorites rank in our list. On today's list, we bring you the first half - numbers 50 through twenty 26.50. BTS "N.O"Label: Big Hit EntertainmentRelease Date: September 10th, 2013While a number of hard-hitting, aggressive b

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  • Psy unveils the making-of clip for "Gentleman" MV

    May 9, 2013 @ 12:00 am

    After releasing the music video for his latest hit "Gentleman" a month ago, Psy is finally giving you a closer look with the making-of footage! As expected of the singer's videos, there are lots of laughs that take place behind the scenes as they plan out each shot. Making special appearances are of course his special guest stars, the members of 'Infinity Challenge' and Ga In! Take a look below!

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  • LC9 voluntarily reports their MV as having a rating of 19+

    May 7, 2013 @ 9:00 am

    Idol group LC9, who garnered attention even before their debut for being called the male version of Brown Eyed Girls, has voluntarily reported their music video debut track 'MaMa Beat' as rated 19+. In most cases, the 19+ rating is dealt out after a review process by various boards. However, LC9, aware that they'll most likely be dealt this rating, has voluntarily reported the video themselves before the review. A staff member at Nega N

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  • LC9 release teaser for "Mama Beat"

    May 6, 2013 @ 4:03 pm

    LC9 has released their teaser for "Mama Beat"! The group, previously nicknamed 'Brown Eyed Boys', is going by the official name of 'League of Competition #9', which is abbreviated as LC9. We've currently been introduced to six of the members: J-Hyo, RASA, King, AO, Jun, and E.Den. The boys are now here with a video teaser featuring the lovely vocals of Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In. Sadly, we don't get to hear the boys at all, but hopefully

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  • Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In shows up to support labelmate HISTORY

    May 5, 2013 @ 7:11 pm

    LOEN Entertainment's newest rookie group, HISTORY, received some heartening support during their latest music stage from their labelmate senior, Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In. "Ga In turned up from far away to cheer on labelmate junior HISTORY!" the rookie group posted to their official Twitter. "Just as if they promised, showed up with matching outfits and everyone came together with the famous pose:) Everyone was in awe over the senior's chari

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  • Can you spot the hidden secret in Nega Network's mysterious teaser video with Ga In?

    April 25, 2013 @ 4:31 am

    Nega Network released another teaser for their upcoming boy group and it features none other than Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In working on what seems to be a song. The agency explained that the mysterious teaser is "a video with a hidden secret. There is an element of fun to finding the hidden pictures." If you need a hint, this has to do with the upcoming boy group who is at the moment going by the nickname of 'Brown Eyed Boys', and is set

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  • What is Ga In working on in the recording studio?

    April 23, 2013 @ 2:30 am

    Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In has left us all curious with a new photo of her recording in the studio. Nega Network's CEO updated fans on Twitter writing, "Miss Son recording...Isn't she pretty? Whose song? What kind of song could it possibly be?", leaving fans tweeting him their various guesses. Since it's been said that Brown Eyed Girls are planning to make a comeback this July or August, according to music industry insiders, many presume t

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  • Ga In talks about the Psy effect after appearing in "Gentleman" MV

    April 22, 2013 @ 10:40 pm

    Ga In talked about her jump in popularity after appearing in Psy's "Gentleman" music video. Ga In, Brown Eyed Girls, and their famous "Abracadabra" dance gained fame internationally after "Gentleman" went live. Currently, "Gentleman" has over 200 million views, and the song itself is ranked within the top 10 in more than 70 different countries on iTunes. As the music video viewership increases at an exponential rate, Ga In is being disc

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  • Eye Candy: Short & Cute

    April 21, 2013 @ 2:31 pm

    Following the last 'Eye Candy: Short & Sweet' selected by a few of our staff members, our 'Eye Candy' series continues with a few of the cute shorties in K-pop. We had an eye candy with tall boys, one with tall girls, and one with short boys. Now it's time to focus our attention on the short and adorable female idols! Here are some of the shorter members in girl groups, although they might be short in stature they're just as charming a

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  • Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for April 7 – April 13

    April 18, 2013 @ 6:14 pm

    The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. Check out the chart rankings for the week of April 7 to April 13 below! < Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking > 1. Psy - "Gentleman" 2. K.Will - "Love Blossom" 3. 15& - "Somebody" 4. Akdong Musician - "Foreigner's Confession" 5. Davichi ft. Verbal Jint - "Be Warmed

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