Hyori's Body is Still Bangin'

August 27, 2009 @ 7:29 pm
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On SBS Weekly Entertainment, sex icon Lee Hyori was revealed to have been chosen as the female celebrity with the best bikini body. You'd think one would be elated to hear such news, but on the contrary, Hyori insisted that she is no longer deserving of such a title. She stated, "I think people still have the memory of my pretty image in the bikini photoshoot that I did when I was younger. That's why they voted for me, but now I don't have this body anymore." But we all know she's just being humble because Hyori's body is looking as hot as ever. So, sorry Miss Hyori, but we will have to disagree with you on that. She also took the time to clear up other important issues during her time with SBS. While shooting her MV with Taiwanese star Wilber Pan, she insisted that the "steamy" kiss they shared was only a peck. She also expressed her desires of acting, boldly stating she wants to challenge Kim Hye Su's character from the popular drama "Style." And finally, for all you Fin.K.L. fans out there, I'm sorry to report this but with all the female groups dominating the music scene, Hyori whines, "Do we still have to come out?" when asked if the group will have a comeback.

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