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Pentagon's full interview with global magazine e.L.e revealed


On June 8, idol group Pentagon's interview with K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin was revealed on e.L.e magazine's official YouTube channel.

On this day, the Pentagon members took some time to discuss with Jeff Benjamin their promotion activities as of recent events, the influence the group receives from rock music, and more honest conversations on their musical identity.

When the Pentagon members were asked what message or thoughts they tried to include in their 11th mini album, Wooseok answered, "I personally really like the side track called "Song". As I was writing this track, I was thinking about the good times of when we can have fun with our fans at our concert again, in the future. Those are some of the thoughts I had while writing the song and the lyrics. Because of the current situation and our memories of the past, I think this time I had more desperation." Kino continued by saying, "Also at the beginning of preparing the album, we had a main theme, or concept, and that was love. So, I was focused on 'how do I love?' or 'how does someone love?' I really thought about that".

Pentagon further displayed their great sense of humor when member Shinwon confidently told the interviewer, "I think there are two sides [to why we receive this much love]. First, I think we have an energy that is unique to our group. Second, we have had a lot of conceptual performances. So I think our visuals that had been hidden in those concepts are better seen with this album."

Meanwhile, Pentagon has received a lot of love from global fans with their new mini album 'LOVE OR TAKE'.

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