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SHINee's Key sincerely says it's no longer 'painful' to talk about the late Jonghyun


On the March 19 broadcast of MBC's 'I Live Alone', SHINee's Key greeted viewers from his new, luxurious home, where he'd just moved into 2 weeks ago. 

In addition to surprising viewers with the countless(?) rooms in his new house and sharing a glimpse of his lifestyle as a professional "dog dad", Key also had dinner with his good friend, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Over dinner, Key began talking about his winning speech on 'M! Countdown' after SHINee's "Don't Call Me" was named the 1st place winner. In his remarks, Key garnered attention by stating that he missed his fellow member, the late Jonghyun

In the studio, Key began, "I do not want that topic to become some type of 'banned subject', as if you're supposed to shush about it. I think I wanted to say that 'I am doing okay, we are still missing him, it's necessary to talk about him,' to everyone."

During his conversation with Taeyeon, Key confessed, "In the past, I used to kind of avoid that topic. It just kind of seemed to me like people wanted to 'use' the topic, and they wanted me to cry while talking about it." Taeyeon agreed here with, "They were deliberately trying to make it a fuss."

But during the 'M! Countdown' speech, Key recalled, "I'd always thought that I would be able to talk about it one day. But that day, it just kind of suddenly came out. Even as I was speaking, in my head I was like, 'Why am I suddenly talking about this?'. But I guess when I thought about it afterward, that was just what I wanted to say." 

Taeyeon also nodded and added, "You said it because it was your honesty. And from the perspective of a viewer, I thought that it was really good that you said that. It felt good to hear that."

In his interview, Key relayed, "If I am being completely honest, for me, it is no longer painful or unnecessarily sorrowful to talk about it. Of course I am still careful about it. But there is no need to avoid it or run from it. My heart wholly accepts what happened, and I will just say what comes to mind when I feel like speaking out loud. I miss him. I want to see him. I miss him very much."

Finally, Key shared with the studio members, "The process of overcoming the loss was not easy. But I hope that people will not pity me so much."

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NineMusesMinha828 pts 28 days ago 1
28 days ago

it's nice to see them comfortable to talk about it now. lets stay strong shinee and taeyeon!~!!


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lugaia938 pts 27 days ago 0
27 days ago

I am glad that he is at a place where he feels that he can talk about it freely. It must’ve taken a lot of work, as he mentioned. It’s so sad that in the past people would disregard his feelings and deliberately ask about this to attract more views or readers.

It’s great that Taeyeon was there too to help him elaborate from the perspective of someone who was also impacted by that loss.

Bless them and bless Jonghyun.



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