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Netizens joke 'please save Woo Seok' after a preview of Kim Woo Seok's cover dance to Brave Girls's 'Rollin'' on 'Zzin Kyung Kyu'


On March 28, Kakao TV released a preview clip of next week's 'Zzin Kyung Kyu' featuring Brave Girls!

In fact, the preview clip introduces viewers to a new "Global Cover Dance Group" known as Brave Heart, made up of members Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Woo Seok, comedian Lee Yoon Suk, and 'Zzin Kyung Kyu's Marmot PD!

Watching the preview, many fans pointed out that of the Brave Heart members, only Kim Woo Seok seems to be "serious" about doing a legitimate cover dance. They commented:

"Woo Seok, what are you doing there kekekeke."
"Since when did Woo Seok become Kyung Kyu's son kekekeke. He comes out on this show like every week."
"Isn't he doing the cover a little unnecessarily too well kekekekeke. But those outfits aren't it kekekeke."
"Meanwhile Woo Seok forever the center."
"Woo Seok... soullessly doing his best kekekeke."
"Why is my bias here with these guys kekekekeke."
"Why is it so sad-funny that Woo Seok is doing his best here kekekeke."
"Woo Seok is so pretty he should be a member of Brave Girls, not Brave Heart kekekeke." 
"Can someone please save our Woo Seok kekekeke."
"Okay at least give us the solo cam version please kekekeke."

Meanwhile, 'Zzin Kyung Kyu' hosted by Lee Kyung Kyu airs every Wednesdays at 5 PM KST on Kakao TV!

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lovethykpop11,237 pts 20 days ago 0
20 days ago

Woo seok taking it “serious” made it funnier somehow lol



Roslolian1,041 pts 20 days ago 9
20 days ago

Ok so its fine to dress as Braveheart cuz they are white right? Nobody will say they are mocking white people and doing white face? Everybody knows its just for fun and nobody is being racist to Irish people? Crazy how that works...


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