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North Korean defector Im Ji Hyun did not return to the North on her own will but was kidnapped?

By yckim124   Tuesday, July 18, 2017   60,316   225   42



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Im Ji Hyun (26) might not have returned to North Korea on her own will.

The North Korean defector, who has become a TV personality in South Korea, recently returned to the North and appeared on a North Korean government-run propaganda website. 

In the recorded interview shared on the propaganda clip, Im Ji Hyun talked about the struggles she faced in the South and explained she always wanted to return to North Korea. She also emphasized that it was her own will and choice to travel back to the motherland. 

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At a general meeting on July 18, Jang Yang Suk of the Bareun Party suggested that Im Ji Hyun might actually have been kidnapped by the North. 

The biggest evidence to the theory is her remaining assets in South Korea. It's revealed that Im Ji Hyun left behind a bank account with a large amount of money and belongings in the South. 

Jang Yang Suk commented, "If it was a voluntary return, she would've taken care of her assets before leaving but a large amount has remained." 

In addition, it's claimed the North tends to attract defectors to China only to kidnap them back and Im Ji Hyun reportedly disappeared from South Korea after telling a friend she's traveling to China to resolve an issue with money she had sent back home.  

Another evidence is the recent post she uploaded on her official fan club. On her birthday, she thanked the fans and stated she's currently at the happiest point in her life. 

Lastly, her facial expressions in the recorded interview came to attention. Im Ji Hyun's eyes are swollen as if she has cried and her facial expression seemed dark and gloomy overall.


Many netizens believe Im Ji Hyun will ultimately face a brutal death in North Korea. 

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